Saturday, December 29, 2007

So this is the last weekend of 2007. I know it sounds so cliche, but the year has gone by so fast. It seems like just yesterday we were ringing in 2007 and I was shaking my head over the very hard year that we had in 2006. Now that the New Year is just around the corner, everyone is talking about resolutions. Well, I have never really been one to make resolutions. I always felt like it was a set up to fail. However, this year, I will be making some resolutions. Not because it is the new year, but more because we (Marco and I) decided we needed a life makeover. Spiritually, Financially, Physically, the whole enchilada...mmm...cheesey...oh, uh where was I? Oh yes, the makeover. There are many areas where we feel we need to improve, change - whatever and guess what? The new year seems the perfect place to start. Don't you think? I am too tired right now to go into detail, but I will do it tomorrow. I promise. Why am I thinking of Zapata's Mexican restaurant right now...? Off to bed - big day ahead. Have a great Sunday!

Saturday, December 22, 2007

Pictures with Santa

Okay, so Marco calls late in the afternoon and says, "How about we go get something to eat and then take the kids to see Santa?" Wow. I couldn't believe it! Not that he's not the type of dad to do that sort of thing, but he's been so terribly busy with work, church, and work that I couldn't believe he had thought of it. I had thought of it of course. We did not go last year and this is Little Marco's first Christmas. I excitedly replied, "Yes!"

I did not want to discourage him, but my first thought was that it was going to be Ka-ray-zee no matter where we went for pictures. I mean, it's the last days before Christmas.

I looked up our local outlet mall - Ontario Mills - and found out all the need to know on Santa's schedule.

We decided to go get pictures first. We didn't need the kids to get their shirts dirty, mess up their hair, get cranky...hey, with 4 kids in tow this is no easy task! So we arrive at the mall, we brace ourselves, we suck in a deep breath and ....WHAT? There's no line? How could that be? I mean, it just isn't Christmas if we don't get all firey mad over the long wait for the pics with Jolly 'ole St. Nick, right? It's not natural.

Well, after we got over our shock, agreed to pay for the cheapest sheet ($20 for 4 3x5's), the kids went over and sat with Santa. You know what? He was absolutely the best Santa ever. He looked GREAT, was patient and kind, didn't smell funny...these things are important. All righty, here are photos as proof - yes, these were taken with permission since I agreed to paying the $20 for the ONE sheet. Hmph...some things don't change!

Friday, December 14, 2007

Top 10 Christmas Photos to take...

I got this list off of Scrapshare - a message board I frequent. I thought I'd keep the list here in hopes that I will remember to do some of these. Some I already do, but others are a really cute idea! If you have any ideas, by all means - do tell!!!

Top Ten Must-Have Photos to Take this Christmas!
1. Your house with the porch lights on (lights on even in the middle of the day - it will look cozier, I promise) with the snow falling. Snow makes everything look better and it will become one of your favorite house photos with holiday decorations. (uh, it'll be even cooler if I get snow here in So. Cal. - it HAS happened before, but not at Christmas time)
2. Your favorite ornaments - close up. Put these in your albums and write about why they are so meaningful to you.
3. Your special family traditions. Make sure that you have photo evidence of what wonderful parents you were to provide so many rich traditions each holiday - hee hee!
4. Your special family recipes, baked up. (And the process of making them.)
5. Any collections you have. Tell why they are special.
6. Each family member wearing and/or holding ALL of their holiday gifts at once. You could actually leave this photo un-journaled in the album and let future generations wonder what in the world the style was that particular year.
7. All of the special things you do to be focused on giving to others during the season. ...It will be a reminder to future generations that this season is about giving - and how you took that to heart by giving to those around you.
8. A family shot on Christmas morning. It's amazing to see how everyone grows from year to year.
9. Your beautiful dining room/kitchen table done up for the holiday meal, before everyone has had a chance to sit down and enjoy it.
10. Something that will allow you to write in your album about the REAL reason that this holiday is special to you. For us, that would be a photo of our manger scene, or the church lit up for Christmas Eve. All of these other things are fun and special and bring happy memories - but I also want my kids and future generations to remember the Reason for the season that we enjoy celebrating.

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Survey Time - Christmas Edition!

1. Wrapping paper or gift bags? This is a tough one. I love the ease of the good 'ole gift bag, but know that wrapped gifts are more fun to open. Last year I went all out and bought the good stuff from Costco. I even splurged and bought some wired ribbon. Nobody really appreciated it - but I loved it!

2. Real tree or Artificial? Until last year, it was always a real tree. Well, except for the year we lived in the really small apartment and I went and bought the set of 3 little northwest trees from Wal Mart. That was special...anyway, we always got a real tree and made a big deal about going to pick it out. That's fine if you are in Washington or Michigan maybe, but in Southern California, those puppies get dried up fast! I couldn't stand it. Half the tree was on the ground by the time Christmas rolled around. Last year we invested in a really nice fake tree at Costco. It is pre-lit. I LOVE it. I felt guilty at first, but I am over it. It's beautiful and best of all there's no mess to clean up. So what if there's no fresh tree smell. They make candles and sprays for that now!

3. When do you put up the tree? I try to put it up the week after Thanksgiving. We didn't do too bad this year. Got it up the weekend after Thanksgiving.

4. When do you take the tree down? Usually the week after New Year's Day...we'll see how long I can take it before I have to go on a cleaning spree! LOL

5. Do you like egg nog? Yes, but I like an Egg Nog Latte from Starbucks even better!

6. Favorite gift received as a child? Probably my walkman that had an automatic song shuffle, played the next side without you having to flip it...oh yeah, I was so cool!

7. Do you have a nativity scene? I have a tiny one that is on our front table. I would love to get a nice new one that has some quality to it, but for now - this one is good.

8. Hardest person to buy for? My dad. He never gives us even a hint as to what he'd like. If you beat it out of him, he usually says something real modest that you know would be ridiculous to give. *sigh* I still haven't gotten his as a matter of fact!

9. Easiest person to buy for? My sisters - they send me a wish list. I'm serious. Hey, works for me.

10. Mail or email Christmas cards? Well, that's kind of like a trick question...I always get the photo ones made and then TRY to get them mailed...again, we'll see how this year goes.

11. Worst Christmas gift you ever received? Salt packets to make beef jerky. What? Huh?

12 . Favorite Christmas movie? I am not sure about that one - like the Christmas Story, The Grinch, ....drawing a blank here...

13. When do you start shopping for Christmas? Not soon enough

14 . Have you ever recycled a Christmas present? Oh yes. Just gotta be careful not to give it to the person who gave it to you in the first place!! LOL

15. Favorite thing to eat at Christmas? tamales

16 . Clear lights or colored on the tree? Clear

17. Favorite Christmas song? O Holy Night

18. Travel at Christmas or stay home? Staying home this year and having his family over

19. Can you name all of Santa's reindeers? Yes

20. Angel on the tree top or a star? Star.

21 . Open the presents Christmas Eve or morning?One on Christmas Eve usually. Have to wait for Santa you know

22 . Most annoying thing about this time of year? crowds

23. Favorite christmas ornament? The ones that Marco has chosen for me

24. Favorite thing for Christmas dinner? Ham and all the sides

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Crazy busy...

So, I've been quite busy these last few days. You know, making a list and checking it twice? It doesn't help that my girls will randomly yell out things like: "Only 14 more days 'til Christmas!!" I keep reminding them that I am consumed with making sure Daddy has a Happy Birthday first. His birthday is on the 17th and I don't want it getting all smooshed in with the Christmas festivities.

I also homeschool my two oldest girls. Oh, did I forget to mention that? It has been very chilly in the mornings (honestly, I wake up and expect to see a blanket of white outside) and they are having trouble getting up right away. Now, I know. Those of you that homeschool are probably saying, "What's the big deal?" I know, it's not like they are going to miss the bus, right? I am just that way. I try to run a rigid school schedule and make sure that "school" is never questionable. I think that comes from teaching in a traditional setting for 14 years. I am slowly but surely getting over it. I let them take their time this morning and they even got to have hot chocolate when they came down. Yeah, I'm cool like that. - at least that's what I keep telling myself!

Anyway, we got through school and then had to run some errands for Marco. We had to go into Riverside where I happen to have an $80 credit at the Color Me Mine place. It is left over from last years school funds. Yup. Art class! I didn't know if I would have time to go, so I didn't tell them. They about came unglued when I pulled up to the shop. They were so excited! I even let Naomi paint and I got to do a little Ladybug! Hannah painted something for me - a jar that says Scrapbook $ - (I am supposed to act surprised on Christmas), Taryn painted a teapot/teacup set for Nana, and Naomi made her a matching cookie plate. Well, it was kind of matching. Little Marco did his part by sleeping through it all.
We rushed traffic so that I could get home to cook dinner. The girls even made caramel apples. Marco loved dinner. I guess it's okay to be so busy. We actually got a lot accomplished and we did it together. I love being a mommy and a wife. =]

Saturday, December 8, 2007

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

Well, at my house anyway. I have come to realize that I will not be going to visit my family in Washington after all. I was bummed at first, but I'm over it. It's for the best right now. It was my thinking that I would not get out all the Christmas stuff if we weren't even going to be here for Christmas - so that all changed. The tree is up, the stockings are hung by the chimney with care...I even have our down stairs bathroom decked out in snow man stuff!

I do love decorating for Christmas even though it meant putting away my fall stuff for now.

That's okay, it will all come back out in January. Yeah, that's right. I keep it out year round. I even decided to use real photos (of various size) of my family and friends that are fall themed. I already have a beautiful set of 3 fall photos that are 8x10 (Thanks Tiffany) that make me smile every time I think of them. I recently got a bunch of photos of my nieces and nephews and they happen to be at the pumpkin patch, in the fall foilage, etc. Those will be added to the wall!

Oh, but back to Christmas. I really do not like the fact that the holidays (Holy Days) have become so commercialized, but hey - that's the world we live in. I choose to decorate as much as I can and I also love to burn candles that have the smells of the season and listen to music that is festive as well. The children's choir at church (directed by yours truly) is getting ready for their 1st ever Christmas concert and we are excited. It will be in Spanish and English. How cool is that?

It has been raining off and on for about the last two weeks here. My thermostat shows a temp of 61 degrees. That is very cold for US! I know, I know. My family and friends in knee deep snow are probably shaking their heads right now. We are in So. Cal. though. LOL

Last night we took our youth group to the Festival of Lights at the Mission Inn in Riverside. We had lots of fun enjoying the sights and smells of Christmas. A few of the guys even paid to ice skate at the outdoor rink they set up. It was like our own little Madison Square Gardens.

More importantly, I am thinking about the gifts I can give to my family and friends. We really have been blessed with so much. I love to give something that let's a loved one know that I appreciate them and am thankful for them.

The greatest gift any of us can receive of course is the gift of Eternal Life. I am so thankful that our Saviour Jesus Christ has already paid this price for us. He gave us the greatest gift, expecting nothing in return. He exhibits the greatest example of unconditional love. Let us try to even come close to it by sharing this Truth with others this year.

Saturday, November 24, 2007

So much to be thankful for...

Well, it's Saturday evening and the house is clean and somewhat quiet. I had all of Marco's family over for Thanksgiving and half of them even stayed the night. The other half returned the next day for more eating and then a short trip up to Lake Arrowhead. We had a great time together. I was so busy getting ready, cooking, cleaning, entertaining... I didn't really stop to think about all that I am thankful for. There is so much too! So, I thought that I better list some of the things so that I can see them "out loud". I'm sure that I won't be able to list everything right now, but I will list all that come to mind first and then I will add to my list when I need to.

1. The health of my family and I - Not only have we all been fairly healthy, we have not had any major issues with our extended family either. I am so thankful for this.

2. The birth of our son Marco Joseph this past July. I am incredibly blessed with this little man in my life. At 3.5 months old, he already has an incredible personality.

3. My hard-working husband - Besides my father, my husband is the hardest working man I know. He pastors a brand new church, works extra jobs when he needs to in order to make sure that we (or the church) do not fall behind on our bills and can enjoy the "extra" things in life, and still helps out around the house and with the children. I often hear women complain about their husbands and how lazy or unwilling to help they are. I just smile to myself and thank God that I was able to find someone so special.

4. My children - Hannah, Taryn, Naomi, and Marco are the joy of my life. I am able to be home with them now and even homeschool the two oldest. I couldn't be happier. They each have their own special trait and I wouldn't want any of them to change for anything.

5. My church and church family - We started a church a little over a year ago. The week that I delivered Marco was the week that we moved into the new building we bought. Our people have been so faithful. They pitch in, serve, and worship along with us and we have become like family to each other. The ladies in the church are women that I consider to be my friends. My children are happy and active there as well. When things get tough, I may start to question my place in God's will and then boom! - something happens at church that shows me that I am loved and needed and exactly where God would have me be right now.

6. My friends here and across the miles - I can't say that I really have anyone here that I "hang out" with. If I am out with anyone around here - it's usually for a ladies activity. I spend most of my spare (not that there's much) time with my family.

I have friends that are not near by that I miss so much. I am very thankful for them and even though it may only be a call, text or some sort of contact with them online, I cherish every moment.

7. My house - We have moved so many times since we got married! I told my grandmother that being in the ministry is almost like being in the military. We live to serve others. Part of that means that we have to go where we are called. I am praying that we are settled now. We finally were able to buy our first house and we are praying even harder that we can hang on to it. I'm sure you've all heard about how hard it has been here in California lately - well, we are not going to ever go down without a fight. I love this place and right now - it's home.

Saturday, November 17, 2007

My Favorite Things...

I posted an album on my Facebook where I decided I will keep pictures of my favorite things. I realised that just posting them made me happier. It brought me joy. Isn't it crazy that something so simple can bring you joy? If you are on Facebook, look me up. I will be adding to it as needed!

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Taryn is 8 years old!

So my baby #2 is now 8 years old. I still remember the day I had her and tried to call my friends at work (GBCS at the time) to let them know. Nobody was there because it was Veteran's Day and there was no school! I named her after a young lady that I taught - Taryn Ramirez. She was one of those students that just stand out - in a good way! LOL Of course, I had other students that I adored, but their names weren't as unique.

We had a small party for her with family and some friends from church. About 25 people. Just something small...ha ha! I made pozole, chicken lentil and noodle soup, and hot dogs for those that didn't feel "soupy". It has started to get a little chilly at night and the stuff goes a long way. Everyone seemed to enjoy it.

She got 2 movies (Ratatouille and Meet the Robinsons), a Hello Kitty hoody (all sparkly of course), money (she's been saving and now has $125! She wants to buy her own ipod), and the gift she's been asking for for over a year - a new bike!

We had a great time. Taryn is one of those girls that looks and seems super confident, but she tends to crumble if you put her on the spot. She's tough on the outside, yet cries the moment she thinks she's disappointed you. She expects nothing and is grateful for everything. My baby is 8 now...

Thursday, November 8, 2007

Here are more pics that I promised. This was our first Harvest Party/Trunk or Treat event and we had a blast. I organized most of the games (no biggie). I am already planning for next year even! Anywhoo... here are the pics of the kids that you all have been waiting for! I say you all, but I mean the two people that have requested. LOL! Hannah as Ugly Betty, with and without the poncho, Taryn as Ruth from the Old Testament, Naomi as a cheerleader, and little Marco went in his Pumpkin p.j's and beanie.

Great fun!

Saturday, November 3, 2007

Wow! What a busy month!

The Morales family sure has been busy this month! I haven't posted in a while because there just wasn't time to sit down and do it all! Anyway, I thought I would catch you all up!

One of the events that we went to recently was the Insect Fair at Cal Poly Pomona. It is an annual thing that my girls really look forward to. This year, we took along some friends from our church. They loved it. They were surprised to see that the girls were very comfortable holding the insects. Well, they should've seen them the first year! LOL!

We also have a yearly tradition of going to the Pumpkin Patch in Yucaipa every year. We spend way too much money on tickets for the little petting zoo and the jumpers and what not, take lots of pictures and then go home. We don't buy pumpkins there because they are sooooo expensive. We get them at the supermarket for about $3 or $4. Crazy right?

My oldest daughter, Hannah just turned 12! I know, can you believe it? I am the mother of a pre-teen. *sigh* Well, we weren't going to do much for her birthday, but as usual - that didn't work out. First, she spent the day out with her dad. Then they came home and we went to Red Lobster. She has been dying to go there. I don't know why - it's over-rated if you ask me. She loved it. She got a new bed set for her room and we will be re-decorating soon. It's going to be sky blue and chocolate brown. Her "new" favorite colors. Then on Friday after our Youth Group night (which was a blast - we did a photo scavenger hunt) we surprised her with cake and ice cream for everyone. Lastly, I surprised her by taking her to the Scrapbook Expo at the Ontario Convention Center. We went for some shopping and did some make and takes at the booths. I had also bought tickets for the Crop Night from 5 pm to 11:30. We had a great time together and she even won a page layout contest! I was so proud of her.

Well, we did more - but I will post it in another post because I know some of you are already going nuts from reading such a long post. Enjoy the pics!

Monday, October 8, 2007

The Wedding
 this is all my girls have been able to talk about for the last few weeks. Well, it finally happened. Our good friends, Robert and Lorany, tied the knot! It was the first wedding in our new building. The ceremony and reception went off without a hitch. Marco officiated the wedding, I sang, Hannah was a Jr. Brides Maid and carried in a Bible, Taryn carried the Bride's train along with the groom's nephew. Even Naomi tried to have her part in the ceremony! LOL! I stood up to take a picture as the bride entered the church and Naomi made a dash for the front platform. She wanted to be with her sisters and with her friend Leslie who was a flower girl. Luckily, I managed to get her out of there before anyone really noticed. They were all too busy looking at the bride. Phew! My Hannah looked so grown with her hair all done - I couldn't believe it. Lorany surprised Taryn with a tiara and of course that thrilled Taryn clear to her toes! Here are some pics for you to enjoy!

Thursday, October 4, 2007

The Office

Okay, so I am a few seasons behind. Don't blame me! I rarely watch much t.v. at night. My sister brought season 3 of The Office when she came to Cali for a visit. She kept saying that we had to watch it. I must confess that I wasn't against it, but I wasn't dying to see it either. We finally got around to sitting down and watching it. I was hooked. We laughed out loud the whole time. Watched one episode after the other.

Marco and I have been talking about it ever since. We keep quoting different scenes. We love to laugh together and this show is it. I have even threatened to "shun" my children when they do something wrong. If you watch the show, you will know what that means.

Fact: We are going to be in front of the t.v. on Thursday nights watching The Office so don't bother calling around 9 pm

Question: What will YOU be watching?

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Finally, it feels like fall is here!

I don't know if I have ever told you how much I LOVE fall. I love the colors, smells, sights, and even the tastes of things relating to fall - or should I say autumn? Oh, well. Either way, I love this time of year. The thing is that here in Southern California, it takes a while to get here. I have lived in areas like Pennsylvania, Indiana, and Germany where the colors would change and declare that each season had arrived. Here. Not so much.

No worries. I will create fall in my house! It's my favorite time to decorate. Yes. Even more than Christmas. I've got the leaves, pumpkins, cornucopia, and more. Yesterday, I just bought a couple of fall floral arrangements that were 50% off! We also have to go to the Pumpkin Patch every year.

When I first moved to California, I was so sad to find out that I would have to drive to the mountains if I wanted to see any resemblance of what I was used to for fall scenery. I must've mentioned it to my dear friend Rachel who lived in Indiana at the time, because next thing I know, I received a package in the mail. It was a large envelope filled with colorful leaves from her yard. She had taken the time to choose reds, yellows, oranges and a mix of the colors all together. I still have those leaves and that was 14 years ago!

Today I woke up and it was raining. What? It's not 90 degrees out? Woo-hoo!!! Fall is here! My girls got up for school (which is downstairs) and they actually had to put on socks and sweaters. Love it! Woo-hoo! There's a chill in the air and I am actually enjoying my hot coffee this morning. I think I can even smell someone using their fireplace somewhere...aaaaahhhh....*sigh*

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Blog Challenge: Senior Moments Class of '89!! Woo-Hoo!

Stacy's Blog Challenge for the week:

In honor of the new school year, think back to your senior year of high school, and answer these questions accordingly:

1. Who was your best friend? I'd have to say it was Miki and Debi although I don't even know where they are now. I probably was closest to Miki - she!
2. Did you play any sports? Yes
3. What kind of car did you drive? A smurf blue Plymouth Horizon for most of my HS years
4. It’s Friday night. Where were you? Either at a game, work, or work. Most likely - work.
5. Were you a party animal? No, although I didn't mind hanging out with them when I could. My mom was too strict for me to ever get a chance to even become a party animal.
6. Were you considered a flirt? Hmmm...that would depend on who you asked! LOL
7. Were you in the band, orchestra or choir? Performance Choir
8. Were you a nerd? Uh, no way!
9. Were you ever suspended or expelled? In HS, no. In JH, that's another story...
10. Can you sing the fight song? I don't know if it had words, but I could hum it.
11. Who was your favorite teacher? Probably my AP Anatomy and Phys. teacher Ms. Paris
12. What was your school mascot? A Brave (Native American)
13. Did you go to the Prom? Mine and a couple of others :0)
14. If you could go back, would you? Not a chance
15. What do you remember most about graduation? Singing the solo for the ceremony. I sang "Wind Beneath My Wings". It had just come out and was not used and abused yet. LOL
16. Where were you on Senior Skip Day? At Mike Walny's. Bunch of us camped overnight in tents on his property.
17. Did you have a job your senior year? I had several. It was like I was Jamaican or something. I worked at Slaveway - I mean Safeway, McDonald's (both at the same time), and then ended up working at Pacific Linen's doing displays and Nordstrom's in Point of View.
18. Where did you go most often for lunch? Big O's on the corner.
19. Have you gained weight since then? Who me? You talking to me?....
20. What did you do after high school? Went to college for my teaching degree. Got my BS, got married, became a teacher, had 4 kids...can I stop now?

Friday, August 3, 2007

Please say hello to Marco Joseph!

He is finally here. The little man that we all have been waiting for. (Drum roll please...)

Marco Joseph was born on July 30th. He weighed a whopping 10 lbs. 1 oz. and measured 22 inches long. My doctors advised me that he may be too big to deliver and suggested a C-section. Although I am not a fan of anything other than a natural birth process, I also knew that there really was truth to what they were saying because my last delivery was very difficult because of Naomi's size. She was 9.1 lbs. That, along with some other things that have happened recently, led us to decide that we should heed the doctors' advice. When we heard how big he was, we were relieved that we made that choice. We are home now and loving every minute of it. He seems to be very bright and alert and, of course, I think he may be the cutest little boy I have ever seen!

Wednesday, July 25, 2007


I was on my way home from my doctor appt. (which was very good BTW) and my daughter Hannah realized she spilled her brand new Crayola Crayons all over her bag. She almost panicked and I don't blame her. Who would want to ruin a perfectly good, new box of Crayola Crayons??? I then made the statement to my family that I love a brand new box of Crayola crayons. Yes, they must be Crayola. I love the smell, the vibrant colors, the feel of them in my hand, and the way they color so smoothly the first time you put it to paper. Oh, I must add that Marco had to interrupt me and say that he felt the same way about Fried Chicken Wings...ummm. O.K. Anyway, so I decided I would list a few things that really make me feel happy. So, here is what I can think of right now.

1. Crayola Crayons (the bigger the box, the better)

2. The color red.

3. The new Michael Buble song "Everything"

4. The feeling of my little one kicking away inside of me (this will be over any day now :o( )

5. Hearing my youngest daughter "sing along" to songs on the radio, t.v. , etc.

6. Watching my oldest daughter Hannah as she tries to cook something for me (doing a pretty good job, actually)

7. Hearing my 7 year old daughter Taryn read to me. She is my bookworm (just like mama)

8. Scrapping at my own leisure.

9. Surfing the net - especially at SS. It's my outlet...

10. The smell of the new Philosophy perfume Inner Grace (I think is what it's called...)

11. When Marco surprises me with Starbucks (or anything else)
12. Getting in touch with old friends and keeping in touch.

So, what makes you happy these days???

Yes, I am STILL pregnant...

So, I am about 40 weeks and some odd days pregnant now. Yes, I am "over-due". I feel like a library book or something. I really love going to church or somewhere else where people know me and the first thing out of their mouth is - "You're still here?" Um, yeah. I am still here. Where do they want me to be for pete's sake? Oh, yeah - at the hospital. Having a baby. Well, guess what? So do I - but it's not my choice. So, I wait.

I have an appointment today and most likely, they will check me out, do a stress test, etc. etc. They won't want me to wait too long because I have had a previous C-section - 12 years ago! I feel good, baby is moving a lot, and I am just waiting. So, for all of you kind people that are saying things like: Wow, you're ready to pop!, When are you going to drop that puppy?, Are you having twins?, and You must feel miserable! Guess what? You will have to wait too! Hmph!

Wednesday, July 18, 2007


One of the latest blog challenges that was posted was to write about summer. Stacy (the gal who comes up with the challenges) posted a bit of the song "It's summertime, and the livin' is easy. Fish are jumpin' and the cotton is high...". This immediately got my attention. The song itself is a very special song to me because it's my daddy's song for me. Yup. He always sang that song to me when I was little to help me fall asleep. When I got into my teen years, I'd love to curl up on the couch in the crook of his muscular arm, and he'd start out humming the song. Before long, he'd be singing the words. Coming from a man who didn't like to talk much, this meant the world to me.

On my 18th birthday, I got a phone call at college. I sat in the dorm hallway and took the call. It was a lady calling me from our local station in Washington, KLIT. She said that my dad wanted to dedicate a song to his little girl on her 18th birthday. What??? Oh, you must have the wrong girl. My dad doesn't do stuff like that. No, she said. This really is for you. She read a letter that he wrote and it told how he recalled all our good times together. He talked about "our song" and how he always loved to sing it to me... If you knew my dad, you would have been as shocked as I was. This is a man that is retired military, now working in construction and garage door installing. The only time he really spoke out was to make a wise crack or use some sarcasm (to hide his "softy" feelings for us). I will never, ever forget this. She sent me a copy of our conversation and the song she played and I cherish it to this day.

I do love summer, everything about it. However, this blog challenge ended up being something else for me. It helped me to remember that just the word Summertime, makes me think of one the most important people in my life and that is my daddy.

Friday, June 29, 2007

36 Weeks and counting...

Okay, so I am 36 weeks and some odd days pregnant. I feel like the time has gone by so fast and then - boom! Time stops. Now it is dragging along. I don't know if it is the fear of labor setting in or my OCD kicking in (knowing I have so much to do and so little time...) I dunno. Some things I would like to do for me!
1. Work on my scrapbook albums
2. Hang out with friends - adult friends - no children! :0)
3. Make some hand made cards
4. Really organize the garage
5. Oh, and have the baby.

I have tried so hard not to whine, complain, moan or groan - but , it's getting harder each day. My mind knows what I want/need to do, but my body won't let me do it! :ol Oh, well! I am just thinking in ink...

Sunday, June 10, 2007


ARCHAEOLOGY: the study of material remains
What's the oldest article of clothing you still wear? Probably my ladybug p.j.'s from 10 years ago (nothing else fits still)
What's the oldest article of clothing you won't get rid of? A brown plaid dress that I wore when I was about 3 years old.
When was the house/building you live in built? 1995
What in your fridge needs to be thrown out? Probably more than I realize - I don't want to check right now.
BIBLIOLOGY: the study of publication
What are you reading? I am reading Mary, Quenn of Scots
Do you have a favorite quote? I have many that I like to refer to, especially from the Bible
What's the most recent music you purchased? Don't remember
What book could you read again without being bored? The Bible, The Giving Tree, Anything by Philippa Gregory
CARDIOLOGY: the study of the heart
How old were you the first time you fell in love? When I thought I was in love? 15 years old Really in love? In college
What charities do you have a heart for? the ministries at our church.
What's the best way someone can show their love for you? by loving me unconditionally
Name five things you "love": God, My Family, My Church, My Life...oh, the fun stuff? Ice Cream, Scrapbooking and crafting, coffee, the beach, early mornings with the window open
PHYSIOLOGY: the study of physical function
Are you right-handed or left-handed? Right handed
Do you like your smile? Yes
What's your best feature? People always say it's my personality/humor (Is that a feature??)
Have you ever had anything removed from your body? Some moles on my neck - How about my first child? She was born cesarean
Which of your five senses do you think is keenest? Smell
OMNOLOGY: the study of everything
What color do you think looks best on you? Red
Have you ever swallowed a non-food item by mistake? I am sure I have when I was little
What's your favorite flavor of gum? Extra wintergreen ice
Where's the first place you went today? Starbucks on the way to church
Do you stand or sit in the shower? Stand - no time to sit and lallygag
AXIOLOGY: the study of the nature of values and value judgments
Would you walk naked for a half mile down a public street for $100,000? uh, no. Especially at 34 weeks pregnant
Would you kiss a member of the same sex for $100? It depends how you define kiss...LOL
Would you pose naked in a magazine for $250,000? Again, no.
What value is of utmost importance to you in a friend? Honesty
Would you accept an indecent proposal for $1,000,000? Never
TECHNOLOGY: usage and knowledge of tools
What's the last movie you saw? Freedom Writers
What's the first website you visit when you log on? Yahoo email, then ScrapShare
What's your ring tone? I have different ones for different people
Would you quit blogging for $25,000? Uh, ok.
What piece of equipment do you wish you owned? Equipment? hmm...right now a back hoe would really be helpful with the back yard...
GENEALOGY: the study of relationships within families
Is there a specific family member you're really missing right now? My daddy
Who is your oldest living relative? My grandmother, she is 83
Are you named after anyone? The song by the Four Season's (Sherry)
Is there anyone really famous in your family tree? Kit Carson on my dad's side is the closest I can think of...

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

LOVE/HATE With the Senses

the Sight of my children when they are sleeping.
No not because they are quiet and out of trouble, but because they look so utterly content.
the Sight of the ocean before me with its white capped waves.
the Sight when you drive around a bend and come upon a great valley, mountain or lake beyond you.
the Smell of coffee, baby, clean laundry, my husband, new crayons
the Taste of coffee, well-seasoned fresh food, tropical ice-tea
the Feel of ocean sand between my toes, holding hands with someone I love, the sun on my face
the Sound of my almost 2 year old singing and talking, good music, quiet, birds chirping in the early morning, hearing that I am loved by my family, my husband complimenting me in any way

the Sight of abuse/suffering on t.v. or IRL, clutter and disarray, ugly lawns
the Smell of skunk, heavy powdery or floral scents, menudo, tar
the Taste of anything overcooked or under seasoned/dry
the Feel you get when the "cry" is stuck in your throat, the sudden pain in your stomach when you think someone you love is hurt, of paper cuts
the Sound of chaos, complaining, fuzzy radio stations, babies or toddlers crying relentlessly

I feel pregnant!

So, I am realllllllly feeling pregnant now. I mean, I guess I should. After all, I am at week 32! The problem is that I am the type of person that has a schedule. Places to go, people to see, things to do. You get the idea. You may be thinking that of course I have a schedule - doesn't everybody? NO. I have friends who just seem to go with the wind. Really. They even have families, yet they just kinda go through life not knowing what they will be doing next. Fine for them - not for me.
Anyhow, being this pregnant has really slowed down my schedule. I just don't feel comfortable in my own skin! I will do a few things and then gravitate to a chair to sit. I probably should even be napping and can not allow myself the luxury. This is bad. This will be baby #4 and you would think that by now I would've learned to slow down. Again, NO. I have a TO DO list that I need to accomplish before the baby comes. I just don't know when and how I will get it done. Maybe since I am not sleeping that well at night anyway, I can squeeze in a couple hours while everyone is sleeping... Oh, dang! I can hardly lift anything that needs to be lifted. Oh well, just thought I'd vent a little.

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

I read this quote today...

and thought I'd share it here.

"The greatest privilege God gives to you is the freedom to approach Him at any time. You are not only authorized to speak to Him; you are invited. You are not only permitted; you are expected. God waits for you to communicate with Him. You have instant, direct access to God. God loves mankind so much, and in a very special sense His children, that He has made Himself available to you at all times." - Wesley L. Duewel

I have the privilege of visiting my parents this week in Washington state. This morning my mom shared with me the wonderful feeling of assurance she had during her morning devotions. She said that she always knew that she was a child of God, but today as she communed with Him, she really felt all that He had sacrificed just for her! She could not get over how wonderful it felt. Through tears, I said to her that I knew what she meant. It was this summer when I thought that I didn't have a friend in this world to turn to. Then I realized that my understanding of what a friend is, was very mixed up. I realized that "there is a friend that sticketh closer than a brother". He is my very best friend.

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Laughter: the best medicine

So, there was a challenge for us to talk about the last time we laughed - really laughed. Well, I tried to think of when I laughed really hard. There were so many. I am one of those people that is known for laughing-really laughing. Know what I mean? That reckless abandon laugh, where some times you throw your head back and your mouth is opened so wide that everyone can see every bit of dental work you've ever had done? I love a good laugh. I am one of those people that, if not careful, could even let out a big *SNORT*! I love that I can really laugh with my friends and family. I am prone to sarcasm (I try to keep it nice, no one likes a smart alec) and so are my friends and family. We can laugh so well together! The friends that I have that don't know how to really laugh or "get it", usually leave me exhausted because I have to "behave myself" around them. Anyway, the other night my sister Tabitha and my dad got a webcam so that we could communicate better on the instant messenger. THAT was funny. We laughed so hard. Tears in our eyes and everything. You need a good laugh? Call me, that's what I do! :0D

Friday, March 16, 2007

What the??

I have a friend, well - I think she's my friend... and it seemed that she's been preoccupied with other things lately, just isn't herself, whatever. So, I say to her, "Are you okay?" She responds with the usual everything's fine, just working a lot of hours, blah, blah, blah. Anyway, I tell her that if she needs to talk that she know's I am here for her. That's what friends do, I tell her. Do you know what she says???? "Well, time will tell." What? "What does that mean?", I ask her. "Well, I like to take things one day at a time...", says she. I told her that I didn't think friendship worked that way and that I will have to let this go before I get to freaked out about it. "Yeah, that's probably good...", she responds. What is that? She is an "eggshell" friend, that's for sure. Sheesh!

What's your Leprechaun name?

For those of you who will be wearing green tomorrow (and even if you aren't), I thought this was just corny enough to post! Have fun and spread the word!

Your Leprechaun Name Is:
Sneaky Shortlegs

Thursday, March 15, 2007

So, the house is re-carpeted. Ahhh... all fresh! Now all I have to do is worry about keeping it fresh! It's like when you get a new car and you have all these rules and expectations. No one may eat in the car, do not bring any pencils, markers, crayons in the car... You don't want anyone parking too close, you notice if there is the slightest piece of dust on the car... well, it is exhausting I tell you! One thing that has already happened is our little dog has to stay outside during the day now. We let him come in at night and he goes to sleep in one of our rooms in his doggy bed. He does it, too! Somehow though, he must have made a stop on the way and decides to mark a spot in the library. Now mind you, he is a boy puppy. He's got his "territory" to take care of you know. Grrrrr... right on one of my scrapbook carts. Anyway, we took care of it right away and I realized that these things will happen. *sigh*
I also told Marco that before we move anything back into the girls' rooms, I want to go through everything and decide what we can get rid of. Ugh, it's like moving again. I spent all. day. yesterday cleaning and arranging Taryn's room. Sheez, she will not need to go to Hello Kitty for a long time. Who let this girl get this many pencils, notebooks, stickers, stationery sets.... What? Not me.... Anyway, everything is really coming together. And in the great words of Napoleon (Dynamite, that is) "Basically, it's the best feeling there is, gosh!"

Saturday, March 10, 2007

Just another day in paradise...

at least for me anyway! We finally closed on our house and now we are having carpet and laminent installed. Did I mention that we've been living here a good 6 months already, so in order to install flooring we had to "pack it all up" basically? Luckily, I have a husband who is so awesome at organizing stuff like that! I didn't have to lift a finger. Anyway, so for the last two days (and probably the next two days at least) we have been sleeping on our mattress because our bed is taken apart, and we can't get into our kitchen-because all of the family and living room furniture are in there! To make matters even more exciting, we are now worrying ourselves sick that Oso (our puppy) will come and decide to - well, let's just say leave his mark everywhere. Anyway, all that aside, I am very excited that we are actually homeowners and are starting to make plans to really make this place our HOME.
More exciting than all of that is that as I sit here surfing the web (mostly Scrapshare and I can feel the first REAL movements of this little person that is growing inside me. I am 20 weeks and 5 days and these little bumps are no longer just "flutters" that I feel. I am happy as I sit in this quiet house, my 3 girls soundly sleeping, my dh in the other room working hard to get all of the last minute details ready for Sunday, my sweet little puppy in another empty room snoozing in his doggy bed, and me sitting on the couch in a beautiful room with the smell of fresh new carpet surrounding me and new life stirring within me. I am truly and wonderfully blessed!

Monday, February 26, 2007

The Countdown...about me!

Got an easy challenge today, so I thought I would do it right away. Hopefully, I will get to this blog more often! I'm trying.

10 Favorites
Color: Red and Autumn Colors
Food: Authentic Mexican Food
Song: Stained Glass Masquerade by Casting Crowns, Put Your Records On by Corinne Bailey Rae
Movie: Cinderella Man
Sport: These days??? Not much that I'm interested in anymore..
Season: Autumn
Day of the Week: Monday - Our Family Day
Ice Cream Flavor: I never met an ice-cream I didn't like!
Time of Day:right now
9 Currents
Clothes:Black denim capris, black crocs, rust & black velvet shirt (it was chilly today!)
Taste: Pasta after-taste from dinner
Desktop: Close-up of my Sweet Tart Jellybeans- Yummy and pretty!
Toenail Color: Chocolate I guess - just had a pedicure
Time:12:02 a.m.
Surroundings: Library
Thoughts: what time is my doctor appt. on Wednesday?
Wonderings: Where in the world could my keys be???
8 Firsts
Best Friend:Melanie Grimm (El Paso, Texas)
Kiss: ???Real kiss? Ralf?
Screen Name:Sherrymomo
Pet:As a child, Midnight (black cat) Married, Oso (new puppy)
Crush:??? Don't remember!
Computer:E-machine after I got married
Home Location:Downey, California (since I've been married)
7 Lasts
Drink:Mt. Dew
Kiss:My girls before they went to bed.
Movie seen at the theater:Bridge to Terabithia
Phone Call: Yvonne
CD played:???
Gift received:Flowers from someone at church
Book you read: and the Shofar Blew by Francine Rivers
6 Have You Evers
Dated One Of Your Best Friends:Yes, and we are now married!
Broken the Law: Oh, yes
Been Arrested:Kind of...long story...I was a kid...moving on now---
Skinny Dipped:Yes
Been on TV:Yes
Kissed Someone You Didn't Know: No
5 Things
You've Eaten Today:mashed potatoes, corn, meatloaf, cheesecake, tortelleni (so we went to a buffet at lunch-is it a crime???)
You've Done Today: Looked at carpet for our house that we just bought!, Made an altered tin for my sister swap, went to a new scrapbook store (Woo-hoo!), Organized my scrap cave, and went to lunch with my family
You Can Hear Right Now: the hum of the computer, the t.v. upstairs, wind outside, dog chewing on his Dingo treat, the clickety clack of the computer keys
You Can't Live Without: electricity, running water, lipgloss (chapstick), my crocs, my family
You Do When You're Bored: Check my email, check scrapshare, read, watch t.v. or call someone (not ever really bored, so that was hard!)
4 places you've been today: Carpet place, Hometown Buffet, Scrappin Good Times, Home
3 people you can tell anything to: My husband Marco and my 3 sisters (okay, that's 4)
2 Choices
1. Black or White: Black
2. Hot or Cold: Hot
1 thing you wanna do before you die
Travel outside of the U.S. with my husband

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

So, what's it gonna be...???

Last Wednesday, Valentine's Day, was my big ultrasound. We were all so excited! Before the family could come in, the technician had to do all of the necessary measurements. I tried to catch a "reaction" from her by chit-chatting about the fact that I had 3 girls and it sure would be great if this one was a boy, etc. Nope. Nada. Stone-faced, she was. After what seemed like forever, she said I could call in my family. I didn't have to ask them twice! We were all filled with so much anticipation. I get back on the table as they gathered around me. She starts to point out the heart, let us hear the heart beat, "oh, there's the stomach"...important for our family, and "see the legs and arms kicking?" We were all taking it in and of course, I had a lump in my throat just to see LIFE! It amazed me that this little one was kicking and moving so much, yet I couldn't feel any of it. My husband couldn't take it any longer. He blurts out - "yes, but is it a boy or girl?!" The room got silent and we all (even little Naomi) looked over at the technician. "So, you really want to know, huh?" Still no hint of expression on this woman's face. Waiting...still waiting..."Well, it looks like daddy is going to have a helper around the house!" Finally, she cracks a smile. Man, she is good. Of course, we all explode in unison, "a boy? for real, a boy?" I am crying at this point. The girls are cheering. Marco has the Noive to ask the lady if she is sure. Ummm...yes, is her answer. This is what I do...(back to no expression on her face) We, of course, are still celebrating!

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Dear Cupid...

One day, 17 years ago, when I least expected it...I was hit with one of your arrows! There I was, just a freshman in college, minding my own business. I had a few dates here and there, but I was the type of girl that liked to hang out with everybody-the more the merrier! No serious stuff for me, thank you very much. There was this one guy named Marco. Obviously, he was trying to mind his own business too, because he had a girlfriend back in California. He was a fun type of guy. Liked to hang out with the friends, but was the "quiet one". Well, Cupid...I don't know who you were aiming at, but you hit the guy that already had a girlfriend! Did you even know what you were doing? Apparently, you did. It just so happens that this young man started to take an interest in me! I thought he was sweet...but I knew he had a girlfriend-and that's not a game that I liked to participate in. He had to go home for his sisters wedding in January. Would you believe that he came back and said, "I broke up with her, so would you like to go to the Valentine's Banquet with me?" Inside, I was very excited. On the outside though...I was calm, cool, collected. "You did? Are you sure? Well, okay...if you really did..."
The rest is history. That banquet was the kick off to a relationship that lasted through our 4 years of college, our summer wedding when we graduated, and now it's still going strong. We have 3 beautiful daughters, and another little one on the way (the big US tomorrow to find out if it's blue or pink for the nursery)! We have come full circle as we prepare for our first Valentine's Banquet in the church that Marco is pastoring. Marco, the girls, and I were there all day yesterday decorating and preparing for our guests. I couldn't help thinking of that Valentine banquet so long ago, when Cupid obviously had his arrow right on the mark! Thanks Cupid!

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Life Songs

My friends and family always laugh at me because I can't help naming where I lived when a certain song came out for the first time. Hey, I am sorry! We moved around soooo much when I was younger (my dad was in the army) and although I can't remember all of my teachers and such - I can usually close my eyes and remember where I was, or what I was doing when I first heard certain songs. I can go back to when I was really young and lived in El Paso, TX. I had a stuffed poodle dog and it was a radio. I would blast it real loud when I'd hear "Somebody's Knockin' on the Door", I also remember having a friend whose brother was totally into Foreigner. Whenever he'd play, I think it was called, "Hot Blooded"-we'd all jump up and go crazy and sing along until we collapsed on the floor. Then I lived in Pennsylvania for a little while and remember listening to "Another One Bites the Dust". I lived with my grandparents for a year and it was my aunts record. I was only in the 3rd grade and thought the words were "I neverwanna go to the docta"...what on earth? In Colorado it was "Jessie's Girl" and "Double Dutch Bus". Then we were in Alabama and I remember we'd drive to Panama City Beach in Florida on the weekends. I was allowed to bring a friend and we'd turn up my boom box and sing every word to Abracadabra, Jack and Diane, and Centerfold. I look back now and think that I had no business listening to some of those songs! LOL! Remember Pack Man Fever? Anyway, fast forward to Frankfurt, Germany. I actually lived there for 6 years! A lifetime for me in those days!! Of course a lot of songs come to mind, but I specifically remember getting into the Madonna craze and Prince. Remember the lace headbands and cut-off finger gloves? My friends and I couldn't get enough of Purple Rain - the whole thing, Duran Duran, and what would YOU answer if I said "Who you gonna call?" You know you just answered! We used to go rollerskating on Fridays and I remember skating to Michael Jackson's, "Don't Stop 'til You Get Enough", on the school bus it was "Cum On Feel the Noise", by Quiet Riot.....Okay well all of those songs are special to me, but now what I will focus on is this last year. It was a rough one! During the summer we were really going through a lot of changes. It seemed to us that we were just forsaken by all...except God. We knew that He was always there. What we learned during those rocky days is that God gave us each other. Everyone and everything else seemed to be stripped away from us. It may have been our decision to walk away from all of it, but it didn't make it any easier! Well, we stuck together and funny thing is - the radio kept playing a song that probably wore on everyone's nerves. It made us smile and became our summer "anthem". It was "Had A Bad Day". Anytime it would come on, my girls would yell - "turn it up" and then we'd all sing it loud and proud. It helped us to laugh. I also discovered a new singer named Corinne Bailey Rae. I heard "Put Your Records On" and I knew this was MY song. It just cheered me up and made me realize that I don't have to try to be someone that I am not! That was sooooo liberating! One more song that really stands out in my mind is "Stained Glass Masquerade" by Casting Crowns. I had never really listened to the words, just liked the song in general. My husband made some comment saying that it reminded him of our last church and when I really listened it reminded me of a lot of PEOPLE that I know. That is so sad-but true! Oh! One more song that always puts a smile on my face is "Just Another Day in Paradise" by Phil Vassar. Me and my dh get a good laugh from that because we know it is so true!

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Me From A to Z!

A - Available or taken? Taken by the most awesome man in the world!

B - Best Friends? I have learned that my family is my best friend. Don't get me wrong-I am not anti-social or anything like that. I've just been through so much and in the end you learn that family comes first. I have friends that I love and am blessed to have, but my best friends???They are the ones that call me mom, wife, daughter, sister...
C - Cake or pie? Usually it's pie. I can eat cake if it's not the buttercream stuff...but I choose pie-any kind of pie!
D - Drink of Choice? Always different now that I am pregnant. Love grape Propel, coffee, and Mountain Dew. I KNOW---they are loaded with caffeine...maybe that's why they taste so good right now??
E - Essential item I use everyday? Internet, chapstick, and the toilet!
F - Favorite colors? I love autumn colors all year round. My next favorite color would be red-not orangy red-but deep red (like CM cranberry)
G - Gummy Bears or Gummy Worms? Yum to both!
H - Hometown? Right now it is Rialto, California. I grew up as an Army Brat and never knew where to call my hometown...I've been everywhere man....
I - Indulgence?Scrap and Stamp Stuff. Really, I don't usually buy much else for myself. If it is scrap or stamp related...I can't resist!
J - January or February? February for Valentine's Day!
K - Kids and names? Hannah age 11, Taryn age 7, and Naomi age 15 months-oh and a little one on the way!
L - Life is incomplete without... my Saviour Jesus Christ!
M - Marriage date? August 21st, 1993
N - Number of siblings? Four! Ondray, my brother, is an assistant pastor in Arizona, Esther, my sister, is a pastor's wife in New Mexico, Tabitha, my sister, is a junior at WSU, and the youngest is Deborah, my sister, a freshman at NMSU. I am the oldest of them all and I love them soooo much!
O - Oranges or apples? Oranges. Navel oranges to be exact--oh, or apples if they are the kind you get at Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory!!!
P - Phobias or fears? None.
Q - Favorite quote? "Most folks are about as happy as they make up their minds to be." Abraham Lincoln
R - Reason to smile? It beats frownin'!
S - Season?Autumn. Love the colors (not so much where I live, but you KWIM), smells, activities..
T - Tag? You're it.
U - Unknown fact about me: You can read my previous blogs!
V - Vegetable that you don't like? Raw onions. I try to like them but they give me a headache! I honestly think I may be allergic to them!
W - Worst habit? Taking on too much responsibility at once. I get it done, but I practically kill myself over it!
X - Exercise? I do have a tread mill but what had happened was...
Y - Your favorite food? I am just not a picky girl! You would know that if I you saw me, eh-hem. However, now that I am pregnant...did I mention that already? could be whatever I just saw on a commercial, or read in a magazine. Heck, sometimes all you have to do is mention it! Any ideas??
Z - Zodiac? Scorpio-that's right I'm bad, uh-huh! Okay, I really don't know much about it.

Well that's it! If you take the time to do one, let me know! I wanna read yours!

Sunday, January 7, 2007

5 things you may not know about me...

Thanks to a challenge set by Cowtown Stacy (SS), I was able to do my blog for the day. I am expecting my sister in the morning - as stated previously - and didn't think I would take time to do this. However, one of the reasons I started this blog was so that I would WRITE. I know it may be rough and slow reading now, but I will warm up to it if I keep on going. So, here are 5 things you may not know about me!

1. Although I am usually the loud and boisterous one of the party - I would prefer to be the quiet observer. Now, I know - the ones that know me best are probably cracking up thinking this is just a big crock - but it is true! I grew up being an Army brat and we moved - a lot. The only way for me to cope and make friends was to be the funny one, the witty one, the sarcastic one...and it worked. Well, I carried that personality into my adult life. Not that there's anything wrong with it. I know where to draw the line between fun and obnoxious... But you know, a lot of times, I just want to sit back and be entertained or enjoy someone else's humor. If I am quiet though, my friends will ask what's wrong, am I sad, do I feel okay, etc. That is why I LOVE going to Scrapshare! I can go and read and be a quiet part of the conversation. A lot of the ladies have me laughing out loud-my family understands this now- at first they were worried that I was alone in the library cracking up. Some ladies make me cry and some even make me mad. That's okay...I don't have to do anything!
2. I would rather go book shopping than clothes shopping. I LOVE books. I could spend hours in a library...okay, make it a Borders or Barnes n Noble so I can have my coffee too. Luckily, I have a husband who knows this and we will often go to a book store, he buys me a coffee, and then we will go our seperate ways and browse the aisles. When we have a large enough stack in our arms-we will meet, find a place to sit and lounge for a while, and when we're ready make a purchase and go home. Love it!
3. I am afraid to try something if I am not sure that I can do it perfectly. Some people would say, "ah she is a perfectionist"...others may say "she's full of herself"...but I say, I am scared to fail. Maybe it's a pride problem.... I have had more piano lessons from more people than I can count. I will get to a point and then just FREEZE. I know that part of this is because growing up, I got in trouble any time I made a mistake. Most things come natural to me-piano doesn't. I still get sweaty thinking that my husband may one day ask me to play piano for church...yikes! I can not sew or I guess choose not to attempt much at sewing. I don't want to mess it up. Now, on a lot of things, if someone shows me exactly how...I will try it. Like the border swap I just joined. I have been scrapping for YEARS...but to get approved when I have not ever been in one...phew. But guess what? She approved them (swapcop) and I guess I am hooked. I guess I will just have to get over it all - but it'll take some time.
4. I can still do the splits and round off and cartwheels... you wouldn't think it to look at me now, but I can. I was very athletic once and swear that I will be day!
5. I want to have my own business one day. I am not sure what it would be, but I know it would have to be with something I love and would not have to go back to school for. I would prefer it to be linked to something creative....but then well you know, just go read #3....

Friday, January 5, 2007

Auntie Emm, Auntie Emm...

Okay...I am sitting here at my computer and thinking how scary it will be when the roof of my house gets ripped right off. Yes! I am really thinking that. The winds are so bad right now that the garbage cans that were set out for tomorrow are flying around all over the place-and they are FULL mind you. The worst part is that this house needs some serious insulating! It SOUNDS scary too! Taryn couldn't even walk outside for fear that she would be blown over...anyway - that is not why I am here. I could go on about the bone-chilling, back-breaking wind---but, I won't. I wanted to put into words that I am so looking forward to seeing my sister Esther and her family. I got to see her in May when we went to New Mexico (where she lives) for Deborah's graduation. It was nice, but we were so busy the whole time, we didn't get to just "be together" KWIM? Esther and I have a special bond because I had the priviledge of having her live with Marco, Hannah, and me when she was a junior in high school. It was a rough start - but was worth it all. She graduated from high school and then went on to Bible college and even found a husband! We talk on the phone often, but I just can't wait to be with her. We have plans on going to Disneyland on one of the days she's here. I will post pics afterward!

Wednesday, January 3, 2007

It's going to be a good day...

How do I know this? I know this because I woke up and decided it would be a good day. It has to be. It is our last day of winter break (I homeschool my girls) and I want to make the most of it. I came to my shiny new blog spot right away to post a few things that were on my mind last night as I was finishing up some swap borders. No, I won't talk about the Cuttlebug cutting pad that broke because it's going to be a good day, remember?

1. I was thinking about how thankful I am for the husband God gave me.

As I sat in my little scrap corner, I was overcome with such a good feeling about my dh. He is such a hard worker. He always puts us first. He is very considerate of how I feel, what I need, etc., and he "gets" me. Sure, we have our moments, but it's usually because I am spoiled and I throw an unnecessary tantrum... I love him so much and am so thankful for him.

2. I think I am actually falling in love with our brand new little puppy.

Some of you may think-"well, what's not to love about a puppy?"....Well, a lot of things in my opinion, but I think I am getting over it. We got our a girls a little Rat Terrier for Christmas. He's only 3 months old. This is our first real pet-ever. The girls are doing a good job of taking him out and feeding him, but I find myself more and more looking to play with him, talk to him. I mean, he's just a dog, right? I think he loves us too! My youngest is 15 months old and she just lights up when he's around. He does still try to jump up, but he is gentle with her. Anyway, I just realized that I am smiling as I type this. Yup, I think it's Puppy Love for sure.

Tuesday, January 2, 2007

Official Start!

I have been looking to start this thing for soooo long. It is a new year and I have many things that I want to accomplish. They are mostly very simple things. Why is it that so often the simple things are often the things that don't get done? I have been so inspired by the ladies on ScrapShare. One of my reasons for starting this blog is so that I can keep up with the Blog Challenges posted by Cowtown Stacy. After reading this blog, some may think that I have no friends IRL because I know that I will be referring to the ladies on ScrapShare often. The truth is that all though I haven't met any of these ladies IRL, I consider them friends. I know by their posts what's going on in their lives, I know by their layouts what their families are like, I know by their SWAP spoilers what their styles are like. But mostly I know that these are ladies that are REAL. So for my first blog entry here, I would like to give a big thank you to all of you SS sisters out there. You are funny-(Nancy D., Martha in CA, Longaberger Lady) - you are creative (too many to think of!) - you are passionate about what you do (Cowtown Stacy)-you are honest and speak your mind (Cheery Bunny, Sister BDSQ)-you are overcomers and show me your strength (many, many of you)-you always have a kind word (Nadya) - and just as importantly you are enablers (thanks for the sizzlits Katbug, SWAP COP, Biscuit Scraps-my first ribbon swap...) I could name many more of you that have inspired and taught me in some way, but I will save that for another day, another blog...