Wednesday, July 25, 2007


I was on my way home from my doctor appt. (which was very good BTW) and my daughter Hannah realized she spilled her brand new Crayola Crayons all over her bag. She almost panicked and I don't blame her. Who would want to ruin a perfectly good, new box of Crayola Crayons??? I then made the statement to my family that I love a brand new box of Crayola crayons. Yes, they must be Crayola. I love the smell, the vibrant colors, the feel of them in my hand, and the way they color so smoothly the first time you put it to paper. Oh, I must add that Marco had to interrupt me and say that he felt the same way about Fried Chicken Wings...ummm. O.K. Anyway, so I decided I would list a few things that really make me feel happy. So, here is what I can think of right now.

1. Crayola Crayons (the bigger the box, the better)

2. The color red.

3. The new Michael Buble song "Everything"

4. The feeling of my little one kicking away inside of me (this will be over any day now :o( )

5. Hearing my youngest daughter "sing along" to songs on the radio, t.v. , etc.

6. Watching my oldest daughter Hannah as she tries to cook something for me (doing a pretty good job, actually)

7. Hearing my 7 year old daughter Taryn read to me. She is my bookworm (just like mama)

8. Scrapping at my own leisure.

9. Surfing the net - especially at SS. It's my outlet...

10. The smell of the new Philosophy perfume Inner Grace (I think is what it's called...)

11. When Marco surprises me with Starbucks (or anything else)
12. Getting in touch with old friends and keeping in touch.

So, what makes you happy these days???

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Elisabeth Renee said...

making music
pretty sunsets
listening to my sisters laugh
holding little babies
teaching little kids new things
the color red :)

Those are some things that make me happy