Saturday, November 24, 2007

So much to be thankful for...

Well, it's Saturday evening and the house is clean and somewhat quiet. I had all of Marco's family over for Thanksgiving and half of them even stayed the night. The other half returned the next day for more eating and then a short trip up to Lake Arrowhead. We had a great time together. I was so busy getting ready, cooking, cleaning, entertaining... I didn't really stop to think about all that I am thankful for. There is so much too! So, I thought that I better list some of the things so that I can see them "out loud". I'm sure that I won't be able to list everything right now, but I will list all that come to mind first and then I will add to my list when I need to.

1. The health of my family and I - Not only have we all been fairly healthy, we have not had any major issues with our extended family either. I am so thankful for this.

2. The birth of our son Marco Joseph this past July. I am incredibly blessed with this little man in my life. At 3.5 months old, he already has an incredible personality.

3. My hard-working husband - Besides my father, my husband is the hardest working man I know. He pastors a brand new church, works extra jobs when he needs to in order to make sure that we (or the church) do not fall behind on our bills and can enjoy the "extra" things in life, and still helps out around the house and with the children. I often hear women complain about their husbands and how lazy or unwilling to help they are. I just smile to myself and thank God that I was able to find someone so special.

4. My children - Hannah, Taryn, Naomi, and Marco are the joy of my life. I am able to be home with them now and even homeschool the two oldest. I couldn't be happier. They each have their own special trait and I wouldn't want any of them to change for anything.

5. My church and church family - We started a church a little over a year ago. The week that I delivered Marco was the week that we moved into the new building we bought. Our people have been so faithful. They pitch in, serve, and worship along with us and we have become like family to each other. The ladies in the church are women that I consider to be my friends. My children are happy and active there as well. When things get tough, I may start to question my place in God's will and then boom! - something happens at church that shows me that I am loved and needed and exactly where God would have me be right now.

6. My friends here and across the miles - I can't say that I really have anyone here that I "hang out" with. If I am out with anyone around here - it's usually for a ladies activity. I spend most of my spare (not that there's much) time with my family.

I have friends that are not near by that I miss so much. I am very thankful for them and even though it may only be a call, text or some sort of contact with them online, I cherish every moment.

7. My house - We have moved so many times since we got married! I told my grandmother that being in the ministry is almost like being in the military. We live to serve others. Part of that means that we have to go where we are called. I am praying that we are settled now. We finally were able to buy our first house and we are praying even harder that we can hang on to it. I'm sure you've all heard about how hard it has been here in California lately - well, we are not going to ever go down without a fight. I love this place and right now - it's home.

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