Saturday, November 3, 2007

Wow! What a busy month!

The Morales family sure has been busy this month! I haven't posted in a while because there just wasn't time to sit down and do it all! Anyway, I thought I would catch you all up!

One of the events that we went to recently was the Insect Fair at Cal Poly Pomona. It is an annual thing that my girls really look forward to. This year, we took along some friends from our church. They loved it. They were surprised to see that the girls were very comfortable holding the insects. Well, they should've seen them the first year! LOL!

We also have a yearly tradition of going to the Pumpkin Patch in Yucaipa every year. We spend way too much money on tickets for the little petting zoo and the jumpers and what not, take lots of pictures and then go home. We don't buy pumpkins there because they are sooooo expensive. We get them at the supermarket for about $3 or $4. Crazy right?

My oldest daughter, Hannah just turned 12! I know, can you believe it? I am the mother of a pre-teen. *sigh* Well, we weren't going to do much for her birthday, but as usual - that didn't work out. First, she spent the day out with her dad. Then they came home and we went to Red Lobster. She has been dying to go there. I don't know why - it's over-rated if you ask me. She loved it. She got a new bed set for her room and we will be re-decorating soon. It's going to be sky blue and chocolate brown. Her "new" favorite colors. Then on Friday after our Youth Group night (which was a blast - we did a photo scavenger hunt) we surprised her with cake and ice cream for everyone. Lastly, I surprised her by taking her to the Scrapbook Expo at the Ontario Convention Center. We went for some shopping and did some make and takes at the booths. I had also bought tickets for the Crop Night from 5 pm to 11:30. We had a great time together and she even won a page layout contest! I was so proud of her.

Well, we did more - but I will post it in another post because I know some of you are already going nuts from reading such a long post. Enjoy the pics!

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