Friday, June 29, 2007

36 Weeks and counting...

Okay, so I am 36 weeks and some odd days pregnant. I feel like the time has gone by so fast and then - boom! Time stops. Now it is dragging along. I don't know if it is the fear of labor setting in or my OCD kicking in (knowing I have so much to do and so little time...) I dunno. Some things I would like to do for me!
1. Work on my scrapbook albums
2. Hang out with friends - adult friends - no children! :0)
3. Make some hand made cards
4. Really organize the garage
5. Oh, and have the baby.

I have tried so hard not to whine, complain, moan or groan - but , it's getting harder each day. My mind knows what I want/need to do, but my body won't let me do it! :ol Oh, well! I am just thinking in ink...

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