Monday, February 26, 2007

The Countdown...about me!

Got an easy challenge today, so I thought I would do it right away. Hopefully, I will get to this blog more often! I'm trying.

10 Favorites
Color: Red and Autumn Colors
Food: Authentic Mexican Food
Song: Stained Glass Masquerade by Casting Crowns, Put Your Records On by Corinne Bailey Rae
Movie: Cinderella Man
Sport: These days??? Not much that I'm interested in anymore..
Season: Autumn
Day of the Week: Monday - Our Family Day
Ice Cream Flavor: I never met an ice-cream I didn't like!
Time of Day:right now
9 Currents
Clothes:Black denim capris, black crocs, rust & black velvet shirt (it was chilly today!)
Taste: Pasta after-taste from dinner
Desktop: Close-up of my Sweet Tart Jellybeans- Yummy and pretty!
Toenail Color: Chocolate I guess - just had a pedicure
Time:12:02 a.m.
Surroundings: Library
Thoughts: what time is my doctor appt. on Wednesday?
Wonderings: Where in the world could my keys be???
8 Firsts
Best Friend:Melanie Grimm (El Paso, Texas)
Kiss: ???Real kiss? Ralf?
Screen Name:Sherrymomo
Pet:As a child, Midnight (black cat) Married, Oso (new puppy)
Crush:??? Don't remember!
Computer:E-machine after I got married
Home Location:Downey, California (since I've been married)
7 Lasts
Drink:Mt. Dew
Kiss:My girls before they went to bed.
Movie seen at the theater:Bridge to Terabithia
Phone Call: Yvonne
CD played:???
Gift received:Flowers from someone at church
Book you read: and the Shofar Blew by Francine Rivers
6 Have You Evers
Dated One Of Your Best Friends:Yes, and we are now married!
Broken the Law: Oh, yes
Been Arrested:Kind of...long story...I was a kid...moving on now---
Skinny Dipped:Yes
Been on TV:Yes
Kissed Someone You Didn't Know: No
5 Things
You've Eaten Today:mashed potatoes, corn, meatloaf, cheesecake, tortelleni (so we went to a buffet at lunch-is it a crime???)
You've Done Today: Looked at carpet for our house that we just bought!, Made an altered tin for my sister swap, went to a new scrapbook store (Woo-hoo!), Organized my scrap cave, and went to lunch with my family
You Can Hear Right Now: the hum of the computer, the t.v. upstairs, wind outside, dog chewing on his Dingo treat, the clickety clack of the computer keys
You Can't Live Without: electricity, running water, lipgloss (chapstick), my crocs, my family
You Do When You're Bored: Check my email, check scrapshare, read, watch t.v. or call someone (not ever really bored, so that was hard!)
4 places you've been today: Carpet place, Hometown Buffet, Scrappin Good Times, Home
3 people you can tell anything to: My husband Marco and my 3 sisters (okay, that's 4)
2 Choices
1. Black or White: Black
2. Hot or Cold: Hot
1 thing you wanna do before you die
Travel outside of the U.S. with my husband

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

So, what's it gonna be...???

Last Wednesday, Valentine's Day, was my big ultrasound. We were all so excited! Before the family could come in, the technician had to do all of the necessary measurements. I tried to catch a "reaction" from her by chit-chatting about the fact that I had 3 girls and it sure would be great if this one was a boy, etc. Nope. Nada. Stone-faced, she was. After what seemed like forever, she said I could call in my family. I didn't have to ask them twice! We were all filled with so much anticipation. I get back on the table as they gathered around me. She starts to point out the heart, let us hear the heart beat, "oh, there's the stomach"...important for our family, and "see the legs and arms kicking?" We were all taking it in and of course, I had a lump in my throat just to see LIFE! It amazed me that this little one was kicking and moving so much, yet I couldn't feel any of it. My husband couldn't take it any longer. He blurts out - "yes, but is it a boy or girl?!" The room got silent and we all (even little Naomi) looked over at the technician. "So, you really want to know, huh?" Still no hint of expression on this woman's face. Waiting...still waiting..."Well, it looks like daddy is going to have a helper around the house!" Finally, she cracks a smile. Man, she is good. Of course, we all explode in unison, "a boy? for real, a boy?" I am crying at this point. The girls are cheering. Marco has the Noive to ask the lady if she is sure. Ummm...yes, is her answer. This is what I do...(back to no expression on her face) We, of course, are still celebrating!

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Dear Cupid...

One day, 17 years ago, when I least expected it...I was hit with one of your arrows! There I was, just a freshman in college, minding my own business. I had a few dates here and there, but I was the type of girl that liked to hang out with everybody-the more the merrier! No serious stuff for me, thank you very much. There was this one guy named Marco. Obviously, he was trying to mind his own business too, because he had a girlfriend back in California. He was a fun type of guy. Liked to hang out with the friends, but was the "quiet one". Well, Cupid...I don't know who you were aiming at, but you hit the guy that already had a girlfriend! Did you even know what you were doing? Apparently, you did. It just so happens that this young man started to take an interest in me! I thought he was sweet...but I knew he had a girlfriend-and that's not a game that I liked to participate in. He had to go home for his sisters wedding in January. Would you believe that he came back and said, "I broke up with her, so would you like to go to the Valentine's Banquet with me?" Inside, I was very excited. On the outside though...I was calm, cool, collected. "You did? Are you sure? Well, okay...if you really did..."
The rest is history. That banquet was the kick off to a relationship that lasted through our 4 years of college, our summer wedding when we graduated, and now it's still going strong. We have 3 beautiful daughters, and another little one on the way (the big US tomorrow to find out if it's blue or pink for the nursery)! We have come full circle as we prepare for our first Valentine's Banquet in the church that Marco is pastoring. Marco, the girls, and I were there all day yesterday decorating and preparing for our guests. I couldn't help thinking of that Valentine banquet so long ago, when Cupid obviously had his arrow right on the mark! Thanks Cupid!