Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Dear Cupid...

One day, 17 years ago, when I least expected it...I was hit with one of your arrows! There I was, just a freshman in college, minding my own business. I had a few dates here and there, but I was the type of girl that liked to hang out with everybody-the more the merrier! No serious stuff for me, thank you very much. There was this one guy named Marco. Obviously, he was trying to mind his own business too, because he had a girlfriend back in California. He was a fun type of guy. Liked to hang out with the friends, but was the "quiet one". Well, Cupid...I don't know who you were aiming at, but you hit the guy that already had a girlfriend! Did you even know what you were doing? Apparently, you did. It just so happens that this young man started to take an interest in me! I thought he was sweet...but I knew he had a girlfriend-and that's not a game that I liked to participate in. He had to go home for his sisters wedding in January. Would you believe that he came back and said, "I broke up with her, so would you like to go to the Valentine's Banquet with me?" Inside, I was very excited. On the outside though...I was calm, cool, collected. "You did? Are you sure? Well, okay...if you really did..."
The rest is history. That banquet was the kick off to a relationship that lasted through our 4 years of college, our summer wedding when we graduated, and now it's still going strong. We have 3 beautiful daughters, and another little one on the way (the big US tomorrow to find out if it's blue or pink for the nursery)! We have come full circle as we prepare for our first Valentine's Banquet in the church that Marco is pastoring. Marco, the girls, and I were there all day yesterday decorating and preparing for our guests. I couldn't help thinking of that Valentine banquet so long ago, when Cupid obviously had his arrow right on the mark! Thanks Cupid!

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