Thursday, October 4, 2007

The Office

Okay, so I am a few seasons behind. Don't blame me! I rarely watch much t.v. at night. My sister brought season 3 of The Office when she came to Cali for a visit. She kept saying that we had to watch it. I must confess that I wasn't against it, but I wasn't dying to see it either. We finally got around to sitting down and watching it. I was hooked. We laughed out loud the whole time. Watched one episode after the other.

Marco and I have been talking about it ever since. We keep quoting different scenes. We love to laugh together and this show is it. I have even threatened to "shun" my children when they do something wrong. If you watch the show, you will know what that means.

Fact: We are going to be in front of the t.v. on Thursday nights watching The Office so don't bother calling around 9 pm

Question: What will YOU be watching?

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