Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Laughter: the best medicine

So, there was a challenge for us to talk about the last time we laughed - really laughed. Well, I tried to think of when I laughed really hard. There were so many. I am one of those people that is known for laughing-really laughing. Know what I mean? That reckless abandon laugh, where some times you throw your head back and your mouth is opened so wide that everyone can see every bit of dental work you've ever had done? I love a good laugh. I am one of those people that, if not careful, could even let out a big *SNORT*! I love that I can really laugh with my friends and family. I am prone to sarcasm (I try to keep it nice, no one likes a smart alec) and so are my friends and family. We can laugh so well together! The friends that I have that don't know how to really laugh or "get it", usually leave me exhausted because I have to "behave myself" around them. Anyway, the other night my sister Tabitha and my dad got a webcam so that we could communicate better on the instant messenger. THAT was funny. We laughed so hard. Tears in our eyes and everything. You need a good laugh? Call me, that's what I do! :0D

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