Monday, October 19, 2009


Right now, as I am typing this, she is "reading" a Dora the Explorer book to herself. Oh, wait. Now, she is doing karate mixed with a little bit of modern dance. haha My girl.
Everyone here in our household is all feverish, hoping and praying it's not the swine flu and she is in her own little world. As sweet and patient with everyone as ever, she is just marching on.
My Naomi is different. She knows what she likes, she knows what she wants and she knows when she wants it. Usually now.
She is the quiet one in the family. Very shy around everybody, but like the video I posted a few days ago, opens up easily at home.
So anyway, I thought I'd share some of these pictures of my little artist. Someone had colored in her little princess coloring book and did some "scribble scrabble" as she puts it - so she wanted to fix it up. She colors very nice for her age, but it's more that it's so deliberate. I love her. Enjoy these pics of my special girl.

These are a few of my favorite things....

for now...this and some chicken soup... it has been sustaining us.

Oops!! How did this picture get here??? I have no idea what THAT'S all about! Move along folks...nothin' here to see!

My Daybook...

You can find more Simple Woman's Daybooks at Peggy's Site here.
FOR TODAY~October 19, 2009...
Outside my window...
It is a bit overcast, but I know the sky is just teasing me. It's going to burn off and be hot again. Maybe a little cooler, but fall just won't come. Makes me kind of sad.
I am thinking...
that my bedroom blinds are hideously dirty. How have I not ever noticed this until today? Probably because I'm never in here during the day. Hmmm...
I am thankful for...
a digital thermometer (for the ear) to take everyone's temperature. Makes life so much easier when they are cranky!
From the kitchen...
Nothing but chicken soup. I may run out and get something later for dinner or have Marco pick something up if everyone is up to "food" food by then.
I am wearing...
my favorite jammies. I have been wearing jammies (not the same ones) for three days straight since we are all sick. I kinda like it!!
I am creating...
lots of things in my head, but nothing tangible at the moment.
I am going...
to be glad when everything is back to normal and our schedules and days are a little more predictable. haha. It almost makes me laugh.
I am reading...
"Leaders Who Make A Difference" by Dr. Paul Chappell
I am hoping...
that we will all be fever-free for 24 hours so that we can get back to school/work by tomorrow. I just hate missing and knowing that there is so much to make up.
I am hearing...
my kids in the living room, all in their jammies too, quietly watching
"The Secret Garden".
Around the house...
there is a lot of anti-bacteria spray, tissue boxes, Clorox wipes, etc. I tried to give the bathrooms a thorough cleaning yesterday and want to keep those germs at bay as much as possible!
One of my favorite things...
is knowing that my mom is praying for me no matter how many miles are between us. I miss my mom and dad so much!
A few plans for the rest of the week:
I know that Taryn has a dental appointment coming up, I've gotta get something sent out to my dad for his birthday and time to start planning a little something for Hannah who is going to be 14 soon!
Here is picture thought I am sharing...

This is Marco and I on Naomi's 4th birthday. My princess is growing up so fast!

Sunday, October 18, 2009

So sick of being sick...

This is basically how I feel right now. Not only do I have some pretty sick kidlets at home, I am not feeling so hot either. Yuck. I hate this. I know that nobody likes to be sick, but I just feel like it's such a waste of time too. I know. If my friend Michelle could hear me now, she'd be laughing and saying, "I've gotta take the hot lunch...".... She mocks me.
Anyway, seriously. I just got done washing all the bedding and now I guess we're gonna have to wash 'em all again.
I'd open all the windows to let some fresh air in, but oh. I can't do that because it's 98 stinkin' degrees out there and that's just nasty!
My dear hubby has been doing his best in between jobs to help and wait on us, but it's going to catch up with him too probably. *sigh*
I am usually a "Pollyanna" in these type of situations, but I just don't think I can find it this time.
I mean, I had to leave work early on Friday. I already know that I am going to have to be out tomorrow. I hate that. Really. Might be a control issue, but those are my classes. I love my classes.
I missed church today. My favorite day. Boo.
Hannah's bummed 'cause she doesn't want to miss school. Wish it was 'cause of perfect attendance or being afraid she'd miss an assignment, but we all know it's not. Little Miss Socialite. Hmph.
Well, I am glad that I can be home to take care of my babies. I am thankful for health insurance for them. I am thankful that we can afford medicine. I am thankful for a boss that understands. I am thankful it's not worse. I am thankful for a husband who never - and I mean never - complains....oh, and I have not gained any weight!! That right there is something to Hallelujah about!
Well, there you go. I guess I had a little "Pollyanna" left in me afterall.

Friday, October 16, 2009

My day on the 12th... =]

So...I used to keep a really great 12 of 12 album. It's where you take random pictures on the 12th of each month and then pick 12 of them to post or share that would best represent your day. It's a great way to glance back at the year!
Well, I've completely gotten off track with the posting. I'm still taking them...I just don't get them posted all the time.
I had to leave work early because Marco and Hannah were running a fever a couple of hours into the day. Taryn also came home from the field trip running a fever, so... everybody is laid out in the living room with their p.j.'s on and watching "Horton Hears A Who"...
Just glanced up. Only 2 are awake the other 2 have Nyquil flowing in their veins. haha. They'll be out for a while.
So, here we go. A glance into my day on the 12th.

We leave the house at 7 a.m. if we are on track. Here's Hannah....must've called "shotgun" early so she got to ride up front that day.

The little ones always sleep on the way to school. It's a good thing they don't wake up cranky...well, most of the time!

Taryn is ready for her day. She LOVES the 5th grade! Her allergies have got her eyes a bit puffy. Poor baby...

Here we are at our school now. This is a great place. =]

Here are some of my 10th graders. They've got such great spirits! They are singing one of the Asia songs and located the countries on the map as they sing.

This is Steven's "I can't believe it!" face. He's so funny. Awesome student.

My lunch today...more Atkins than Paleo really. My bento box with sliced roast beef, swiss and colby jack cheese, sliced tomatoes with mozarella drizzled with balsamic vinegar and a sugar-free jello. Don't forget the Dijon for my meat and cheese!

Marco was already home when I got there and started doing the dishes for me. He washed up everybody's bento boxes and bottles. I love him!!

Hannah uploading some pics of her friends.

Marco and little Marco taking a nap.

Love the colors on this ribbon. I got beautiful flowers on Sunday from our church family and they were tied up with these. I might post the picture of the flowers later.

Time for dinner. Chicken and rice for my little guy.

I bought these at Costco on the vine. So sweet. Getting ready to wash them here.

Had a good 12 minute run/walk in the "rain" (more of a drizzle) with my P.E. class today. Finally taking these things off to hit the shower.

Ahhhhh....finally relaxed and wearing my favorite cozy socks. It's the first time I've had to wear them this season. It really felt like fall on that day, but as I type this we have the air on because it reached 98 degrees today. Maybe So. Cal. did not get the memo that it is finally October.

Well, there's my day!! So glad that you could hang out with me. I've missed you!