Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Taryn is 8 years old!

So my baby #2 is now 8 years old. I still remember the day I had her and tried to call my friends at work (GBCS at the time) to let them know. Nobody was there because it was Veteran's Day and there was no school! I named her after a young lady that I taught - Taryn Ramirez. She was one of those students that just stand out - in a good way! LOL Of course, I had other students that I adored, but their names weren't as unique.

We had a small party for her with family and some friends from church. About 25 people. Just something small...ha ha! I made pozole, chicken lentil and noodle soup, and hot dogs for those that didn't feel "soupy". It has started to get a little chilly at night and the stuff goes a long way. Everyone seemed to enjoy it.

She got 2 movies (Ratatouille and Meet the Robinsons), a Hello Kitty hoody (all sparkly of course), money (she's been saving and now has $125! She wants to buy her own ipod), and the gift she's been asking for for over a year - a new bike!

We had a great time. Taryn is one of those girls that looks and seems super confident, but she tends to crumble if you put her on the spot. She's tough on the outside, yet cries the moment she thinks she's disappointed you. She expects nothing and is grateful for everything. My baby is 8 now...


SavedbyGrace said...

Yes, do you remember when Taryn was your youngest baby. When did you find time to have two more kids? I think it is amazing to see how each kids is so differant. You can tell that Taryn has such a heart to please others. You really should write a book based on her! It would be an awesome series!!!!
love Ezzy

Midnite Scrapper said...

It would be like the Ramona series. She is incredible. I don't know where I found the time to have two more. I still shake my head and wonder what it was like before we had a house full. Seems so long ago.