Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Yes, I am STILL pregnant...

So, I am about 40 weeks and some odd days pregnant now. Yes, I am "over-due". I feel like a library book or something. I really love going to church or somewhere else where people know me and the first thing out of their mouth is - "You're still here?" Um, yeah. I am still here. Where do they want me to be for pete's sake? Oh, yeah - at the hospital. Having a baby. Well, guess what? So do I - but it's not my choice. So, I wait.

I have an appointment today and most likely, they will check me out, do a stress test, etc. etc. They won't want me to wait too long because I have had a previous C-section - 12 years ago! I feel good, baby is moving a lot, and I am just waiting. So, for all of you kind people that are saying things like: Wow, you're ready to pop!, When are you going to drop that puppy?, Are you having twins?, and You must feel miserable! Guess what? You will have to wait too! Hmph!

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