Friday, December 14, 2007

Top 10 Christmas Photos to take...

I got this list off of Scrapshare - a message board I frequent. I thought I'd keep the list here in hopes that I will remember to do some of these. Some I already do, but others are a really cute idea! If you have any ideas, by all means - do tell!!!

Top Ten Must-Have Photos to Take this Christmas!
1. Your house with the porch lights on (lights on even in the middle of the day - it will look cozier, I promise) with the snow falling. Snow makes everything look better and it will become one of your favorite house photos with holiday decorations. (uh, it'll be even cooler if I get snow here in So. Cal. - it HAS happened before, but not at Christmas time)
2. Your favorite ornaments - close up. Put these in your albums and write about why they are so meaningful to you.
3. Your special family traditions. Make sure that you have photo evidence of what wonderful parents you were to provide so many rich traditions each holiday - hee hee!
4. Your special family recipes, baked up. (And the process of making them.)
5. Any collections you have. Tell why they are special.
6. Each family member wearing and/or holding ALL of their holiday gifts at once. You could actually leave this photo un-journaled in the album and let future generations wonder what in the world the style was that particular year.
7. All of the special things you do to be focused on giving to others during the season. ...It will be a reminder to future generations that this season is about giving - and how you took that to heart by giving to those around you.
8. A family shot on Christmas morning. It's amazing to see how everyone grows from year to year.
9. Your beautiful dining room/kitchen table done up for the holiday meal, before everyone has had a chance to sit down and enjoy it.
10. Something that will allow you to write in your album about the REAL reason that this holiday is special to you. For us, that would be a photo of our manger scene, or the church lit up for Christmas Eve. All of these other things are fun and special and bring happy memories - but I also want my kids and future generations to remember the Reason for the season that we enjoy celebrating.

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