Thursday, March 15, 2007

So, the house is re-carpeted. Ahhh... all fresh! Now all I have to do is worry about keeping it fresh! It's like when you get a new car and you have all these rules and expectations. No one may eat in the car, do not bring any pencils, markers, crayons in the car... You don't want anyone parking too close, you notice if there is the slightest piece of dust on the car... well, it is exhausting I tell you! One thing that has already happened is our little dog has to stay outside during the day now. We let him come in at night and he goes to sleep in one of our rooms in his doggy bed. He does it, too! Somehow though, he must have made a stop on the way and decides to mark a spot in the library. Now mind you, he is a boy puppy. He's got his "territory" to take care of you know. Grrrrr... right on one of my scrapbook carts. Anyway, we took care of it right away and I realized that these things will happen. *sigh*
I also told Marco that before we move anything back into the girls' rooms, I want to go through everything and decide what we can get rid of. Ugh, it's like moving again. I spent all. day. yesterday cleaning and arranging Taryn's room. Sheez, she will not need to go to Hello Kitty for a long time. Who let this girl get this many pencils, notebooks, stickers, stationery sets.... What? Not me.... Anyway, everything is really coming together. And in the great words of Napoleon (Dynamite, that is) "Basically, it's the best feeling there is, gosh!"

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