Saturday, December 22, 2007

Pictures with Santa

Okay, so Marco calls late in the afternoon and says, "How about we go get something to eat and then take the kids to see Santa?" Wow. I couldn't believe it! Not that he's not the type of dad to do that sort of thing, but he's been so terribly busy with work, church, and work that I couldn't believe he had thought of it. I had thought of it of course. We did not go last year and this is Little Marco's first Christmas. I excitedly replied, "Yes!"

I did not want to discourage him, but my first thought was that it was going to be Ka-ray-zee no matter where we went for pictures. I mean, it's the last days before Christmas.

I looked up our local outlet mall - Ontario Mills - and found out all the need to know on Santa's schedule.

We decided to go get pictures first. We didn't need the kids to get their shirts dirty, mess up their hair, get cranky...hey, with 4 kids in tow this is no easy task! So we arrive at the mall, we brace ourselves, we suck in a deep breath and ....WHAT? There's no line? How could that be? I mean, it just isn't Christmas if we don't get all firey mad over the long wait for the pics with Jolly 'ole St. Nick, right? It's not natural.

Well, after we got over our shock, agreed to pay for the cheapest sheet ($20 for 4 3x5's), the kids went over and sat with Santa. You know what? He was absolutely the best Santa ever. He looked GREAT, was patient and kind, didn't smell funny...these things are important. All righty, here are photos as proof - yes, these were taken with permission since I agreed to paying the $20 for the ONE sheet. Hmph...some things don't change!

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SavedbyGrace said...

What great pictures! and Yes! Santa's that don't smell like beef cheese or beer is a great thing! After all Santa is suppose to smell like peppermint candy canes and hot cocoa! Anyhow, they came out perfect!