Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Oh, the places you'll go...

Here's the big guy today. It's his first birthday. We will be celebrating on Saturday with family and friends, but we kept making a big deal about it today. He thought it was hilarious. This boy is all boy. He is so rough. After having 3 girls, it is a whole other world for us. I think his front tooth is even chipped! Anyway, he started toddling and walking a bit about 3 weeks ago, but he would.not.walk! He would take a few steps and then buckle down and just crawl. He is VERY fast at crawling. I started telling him that I am not going to buy him big boy shoes if he doesn't start walking like a big boy. He also thought this was hilarious. Well, today is his birthday and I guess he decided he wanted big boy shoes, because this is what he did all day:

Yup! Walking all over this town...okay, it was just the house, but hey! we were excited. =]
He had to take a break. He was worn out. Here he is with his real milk. Not formula. Oh, yeah. He thinks he's big stuff for sure. LOL
These tootsies have worked hard. Can't wait for Saturday!

Wordless Wednesday: Happy 1st Birthday Big Guy!

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Baby Powder and Sand...

Okay. So, apparently I am very late to the party. 15+ years of going to the beach and I have just learned something that could possibly be life changing.

You can use baby powder (or corn starch) to remove excess (understatement of the year) sand from your body after a day at the beach!

My friend Desiree and I took our amazing children to the beach yesterday. I was prepared to bring half of the beach back with us. Well, to my surprise, I did not bring back as much as I usually do, thanks to Desiree and her baby powder.

Just sprinkle the stuff all over your kiddo (careful that they're not breathing it all in) and then brush off. I had to do this on my little guy because he decided to dive into the sand head first. Not great when you are drooling, wearing a dyper, etc. Sprinkled all over him. It was great. He felt great. Momma was get the picture.

Anyway, thanks Desiree. Next time I will tell you about the moment I found out that you could get mashed potatoes from a BOX. Yes. It's true!

For Carrie...

Well, I was tagged by my friend Carrie and I thought this was a fun little survey (and easy) - so... here goes.

1. Who makes you laugh the most? Hands down, it is my husband. He Sometimes, it's not even what he says (although, that's usually pretty quick witted). It could just be a look or phrase. Hilarious. I also have to mention that Steve Carell (The Office) makes me laugh almost every time.

2. Where would you most like to visit? Right now, it would be Truth or Consequences, New Mexico. My sister had her second child and I have not been able to see him yet. I am just dying to meet him and spend time with her.

3. What is your favorite dessert? It's a tie: Hmmm....I don't eat dessert that often, because I am usually stuffed from gorging myself during the meal. LOL When I do have dessert, I guess my favorite would be cheesecake...usually with some sort of chocolate near by. =]

4. What was your most memorable vacation? I would have to say our whirl wind trip to New York, Philadelphia, New Jersey, and D.C. in one week (our anniversary). Yes. You read right. It was a tight squeeze, but I loved it. I definitely have to back one day.

5. When was your saddest moment? There have definitely been some sad moments these last two years, but I think that my saddest moment was when I realized that some friends that I thought I had, were not really friends at all.

6. What makes you mad? Liars, Back biters, Laziness, People with no back-bone...

7. What day of the week were you born? Wednesday

8. What's your favorite flavor of ice cream? I am not an ice cream flavor snob. I love them all. I LUURRVE Dreyer's Peppermint Ice Cream. It is a limited edition flavor that comes out during holiday time (that's good and bad).

Friday, July 25, 2008

"If you can see it, you can achieve it."

My friend Lee (mama2c4 on my sidebar) inspired me to create one of these. I had fun doing it, but was also filled with a little bit of anxiety as I created it. I felt like I was locking myself into a promise or something. That's how I am though. I am giving myself permission to change or add this as I like, after all, it's my board. LOL
Thanks, Lee.
50th Anniversary - I want to celebrate my 50th wedding anniversary to my best friend Marco. You all are invited. ETA: August of 2043...mark your calendars. =]
Field of colorful flowers - I chose this picture to represent what I feel for my children. I want them to grow and mature into beautiful people. I want them to stand out in a positive way, to bring people joy and to make a difference.
Korean girls in their hamboks (traditional dress) - I want to get in touch with my Korean culture. I am half Korean, after all. I used to speak Korean as a child. Sadly, I can hardly remember any of it. I want that to change.
Runner - I used to be a runner. I ran sprints and cross-country. Even did a Junior (1/2) Marathon. I want to run again.
Lady in a yoga pose - I was very athletic. Very fit...ask anyone. =] I need that again. For myself.
Chinese writing - This means contentment. I want to be content. I don't mean that I am ever satisfied to the point that I don't want to grow or improve, but I want to be content with what I have - whether material or emotional. Just content.
Cap, diploma and books - I have a college degree. I want a masters. I never want to stop learning.
Piano - I've taken lessons all throughout my life. I can not play in front of people. It's like a trauma. That needs to change. I almost cry when I think of it.
Sun shining throught the clouds - I want to continue to grow Spiritually. I want to know Him more. I want to show others that this is real.
Microphone - I love speaking at conferences and singing. Love sharing what I've learned in life. Might even like to do a little comedy. =] I can dream, right?
Money tree - Money tree. Financial stability. Doesn't come easy. I don't need much. Everyone wants some though, right?
Photographer - Photography. Love it. Can look through books or blogs about it for hours. Would love to one day have a real nice camera and learn more about it.
Greek house on the ocean - Mikonos, Greece. I had the privilege of going there once. I dream about going back. I want Marco there with me and I want to be in shape when I go. Ahhhh...
Pen and paper - Writing. I love it. I love words. I wish I could write easier...more flowing. It's in my head, really it is. I would love to write a children's book and have it published. I would like to maybe even illustrate it.
Bolivian woman - Bolivia. My husband is 100% Bolivian. Came here when he was a toddler. I would love to go back to this country and know more about it - about his family, my children's heritage.
Korean pagoda - Korea - I was born here (South Korea, of course). I was there again when I was about 5 years old. I want to go back - I want to know more about my family and my children's heritage.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

The ZOO...brought to you!

Okay people! I'm going to warn you right now. There are a lot of pictures in this post, but it's my blog and I want to there! This was the FIRST time my family has gone to a zoo together. Yes, I know. Hard to believe. I mean, what kind of parents are we? We've had a voucher since May from the girls' school to take them to the famous San Diego Zoo, but with Marco's work schedule, it just wasn't possible.
Here are some of my favorite pictures of the day. I took way more (if you know me), but was a bit disappointed that many of them had to be take through glass. *sigh* So, here you go. You've already seen the famous baby panda Zhen Zhen, now here are some more! *snake picture warning 4th one down...* LOL It's a purty one though.

Here's one picture of me pushing the double stroller. Marco pushed it the whole day...this was just for show...and so that I could hide myself behind it. LOL little ones are BLOOMING...oh, that's a good one!

A few thorns or weeds? 'Cept for that little bud on the bottom left.

She was a big one...or is she a he? I can't remember.
I love the way he or just kicking back with the bamboo in one hand and eating with the other. My kinda guy...or girl. =]

For my friend Lee. There were all shades of these everywhere, but no stark white ones like I've seen in your pictures.

Lunch time!

These were taken through the very scratched up, thick glass. Not bad, eh?

You lookin' at me?

Pygmy Hippo...also taken through glass. We loved looking at their ears.

Naomi loved looking at the Flamingos.

My most favorite people in the whole wide world. *sigh* Beautiful family, no?

Shhhh...this one's sleeping. They had a few Koalas and only one was awake at the time. I thought of Veronica in Aus (makes the most beautiful cards and scrapbook layouts). Not because she's always sleeping, silly. She is in Australia!

This guy gave us a great show. He was going to town in the water pit. The kids loved it!

Well, I guess that's enough. Now you have no need to go to the zoo. Just have your family gather 'round the computer and look at my blog. Have a fabulous weekend.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Wordless Wednesday: Zhen Zhen (Precious)

We got to meet Zhen Zhen this weekend. Here's a link to more information. CLICKY

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

I love Comic Sans, myself...

Saw this on Christine's blog. You can find her in my sidebar. Anyway, I thought this was absolutely brilliant. Don't be mad at me if you don't get it. I laughed my head off. =]
Font Conference (click on words)

Monday, July 21, 2008

What I just REALIZED...

This looked like one of those fun survey type things that I kept seeing on some of my friends blogs. It wasn't until I read Lee's that I *realized* how serious it could be. I mean, if you're really honest. SO. I am going to own my answers. You might read it and not even *realize* what the big deal is, but for me, goes.

1. I've come to realize my boobs are...needing to be hiked up and reeled in...big time.

2. I've come to realize my complicated. I am not just a stay at home mom, teacher, or pastor's wife (yes, that is a job. Phew!), my job description is not written. It is sometimes stressfull, thankless, and tiring. I also have come to realize that I wouldn't change any of it.
3. I've come to realize that when I'm driving...I can no longer catch up on my phone calls. The hands-free law has been enforced here in California. One day I will have to get a blue tooth. Hubby HAD one until it fell off of his ear while he was working and he ran over it. Ugh.

4. I've come to realize that I not stress and obsess over every little thing that I can't make "perfect". Things happen and sometimes you just can't do anything about it. Just relax...

5. I've come to realize that I have lost...the anger that I've held towards some people for the last TWO years, the body I once had, and the need to be the perfect mom, wife, teacher, friend, daughter...I am what I am.

6. I've come to realize that I hate it when...people lie, people try too hard, someone misunderstands me, or judges me too hastily.
7. I've come to realize that if I'm drunk...someone else has taken over my body. LOL

8. I've come to realize that something that I will never have in excess.
9. I've come to realize that certain people...will love you and believe in you no matter what. Others will judge you and mistreat you no matter what. Be yourself.

10. I've come to realize that I'll always be...the one that laughs until she cries, the one that is too forgiving (is that possible or does that mean I am a sucker?), the one that follows the rules even if she wants to break them...

12. I've come to realize that my mom...will never change. Her way is not always my way, but I have to understand that I am an adult now and I do not have to agree. I also am a mother now and realize why she was always so strict and sometimes even harsh. It's not easy being a mom.
13. I've come to realize my cell not as important as I think it is. It is okay to leave the house without it or turn it off for a while. That's what voice mail is for.

14. I've come to realize that when I woke up this morning...I thought I was going to get my hair done, but it had to be cancelled, I remembered that I have a ton of bills to figure out, and that it is trash day and I need to make sure it's out front.

15. I've come to realize that last night before I went to sleep...I was exhausted and sore and fell asleep as soon as my head hit the pillow.

16. I've come to realize that right now I am thinking I am going to deal with the finances. Ugh.
17. I've come to realize that my one of the hardest working men I've ever known. He may be hard and rugged on the exterior, but he has a heart of gold. He is way too forgiving and patient beyond understanding.

18. I've come to realize that when I get on the computer...I can not wait to read my favorite blogs, make my play on Scrabulous, look for personal email (not spam), and catch up with friends.

19. I've come to realize that a fresh start to a new week.

20. I've come to realize that tonight...will be a guess as to what I am going to do, but as long as I'm with my family, I am happy.

21. I've come to realize that tomorrow I will...hopefully get my hair done. *fingers crossed*
22. I've come to realize that I really want to...lose weight, get healthy, get organized, catch up on my scrapbooks and projects, go to the beach...

23.I've come to realize that the person who is most likely to repost is... I have no idea.
24. I've come to realize that what you make it...wait is that a Hannah Montana song?? Well, at any rate, it is. We can not live our life to please others. We must be honest with ourselves, with God, with those in our lives. It is too short to try to be anything/anyone else.
25. I've come to realize that this weekend...was wonderful. We spent Saturday at the San Diego Zoo. It was a perfect day.
26. I've realized the best music to listen to when I am upset...needs to be soulful. It can't be too crazy or upbeat, because I need to unwind or simmer down. I need to think.

27. I've come to realize that friends...come in all sizes, shapes and colors.

28. I've come to realize that this year…was not easy, but I have learned a lot. I've grown in many ways (some that I did not care for, ehem.). I've learned who my real friends are. I've learned that people are not always honest, that they some times (a lot of times) don't think for themselves and that family comes first. Always.

Alas, #11 is missing. I could make it up, but I thought I'd wait to see what it was in the first place...anyone know? LOL

Friday, July 18, 2008

Good times, good times!

My good friend Desiree and her daughters came over today for a day of swimming, scrapbooking, and fun. My oldest had never met her oldest and was pretty nervous about meeting her. It took them about a whole minute to get to know each other. They got along fabulously. Of course, that makes me very happy because Desiree's girls are so great!

Not only did Desiree bring lunch - chili cheese dogs, chips, fudgesicles, and fresh fruit - but she also brought a bunch of other goodies for us.

One of the goodies she brought was this Close To My Heart sanding kit.

While she was here, she made several cards and all I did was cut the rubber on a stamp set that I bought a while back. I had a bit of a headache and was a little distracted with my little guy. I told her that I would definitely be playing and making something later on when I was feeling better and he'd be asleep.

Well, this is a little of what I did. First, I had to try out the sanding block. Worked great! (Before and After photo)

A close up of one of the cards.

Here's some of what I did.

I made this for a friend of mine that lives in Indiana.

Well, that's it. Good friends, good food, good fun, good times...oh and edited to add a couple of pics of Naomi with the Mulan outfit Desiree's girls passed down to her. She loves it!

Have you missed me?

I know my posts have been very that the word I mean? Well, it'll have to do. I am sooooo tired.

Besides all of the normal mayhem that I deal with on a daily basis, this week was also what I call my "heavy work week". I have a part time job that only requires me to work one week out of every month. Sometimes, ...I work an extra week to do maintenance.

Many people have asked me what I do. I will tell you. I work for a marketing company. One of their biggest clients are grocery stores. They are responsible for the big advertisements that hang from the ceiling, the big decals on the floor, the ads that are in the frames at the end of the carts, etc. Well, I have a route with a boat load of stores and I change out the ads on the carts once a month. That's it. They've asked me several times to switch to in-store where I would install and load those little coupon machines that your wonderful children like to play with, but I just can't. You see, I have little ones at home and I need to be with them as much as possible. However, we still need the extra income (small as it is), so this is perfect for me. I work my own hours - as long as it's done during the assigned week.

This week was especially hard. I usually go with my hubby in the evening when it is not so hot, there are not as many people shopping, etc. I've been feeling bad for DH though, because he has been working so much. You see, he is a pastor for a small church that we started less than two years ago. It is independently run, meaning we are not under a larger denomination, so any bills that we have (rent, electricity, salary, and everything in between to run the place) is paid for from our offerings. A lot of the time, the offerings don't quite cover it all. In order to keep a steady income for our family, he has also been working a secular (non church) job to take care of us. I just love him for that. He NEVER complains. He doesn't work his other job on Sundays, but we have a mid-week service and a youth night on Fridays and he usually goes from his one job, home to change and then straight to church.

So...are you still with me? It's okay if I've lost people along the way. I'm just trying to wake up. LOL Anyway, I decided that this week I would go out and do the carts myself so that he could come home (on days we don't have church) and relax and be with the kids. Only one problem. I didn't think about the above 90 degree temperature that I'd be working in. Some of my stores have 200 or more carts. Ugh. My right arm feels like it's about to fall off. LOL I also have a nagging headache because I didn't wear a hat and got too much sun. *sigh* To keep myself entertained and focused, I listen to my iPod. I am just amazed at all of the podcasts that you can download for free. I've been listening to some biographies and great events of history. If you saw me, you'd probably laugh. I look a mess when I am done. Drenched in sweat and black smudges on my face...filthy hands and nails. Oh, well. You gotta do what you gotta do. LOL

It's okay though, I'm done for now and I can relax. I can get back to my blogging and thinking. I even missed Wordless Wednesday. Oh, my that has bothered me. I know, I'm strange. I have still been keeping up with all the blogs I read - even if I don't always comment. Thanks my cyber friends!

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Blog Challenge winner is.....

I issued the SS Blog Challenge a couple of weeks ago. I offered up an incentive to anyone who would blog about their 4th of July and then contact me to let me know. Well, it was a very serious and high tech procedure, but all the names were put together and only one was drawn. Here is the lucky winner and what she will receive.
Thanks for blogging! Watch for more fun blog candy!

Patterned paper and cardstock sticker sheet by Bo Bunny. Solid Cardstock by Prism. Brads.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

July 12 on 12 ~ Summertime and the livin' is easy!

Happy 12 on 12! I thought that I wouldn't have much to take pictures of since I didn't really have a big day planned, but I got some really special shots today...well, special to me, at least. For those of you asking - 12 on 12 is a fun challenge that is supposed to showcase just a day in your life every month. So on the 12th of each month, I take a bunch of pictures of our day (regardless of what we're doing) and then choose just 12 to represent that day.

Here's Taryn in her pink Converse. I love it when she wears these. They're sporty,! Just like her!

Here's Oso. He doesn't change much. He is just as hyper as ever. I sometimes wish I could have the Dog Whisperer here. He's not bad...just hyper. What did I expect from a Chihuahua mixed with Jack Russell? I love this crazy pup!

Here's a nice shot of my Bogenvelia plant. I have one on each side of the backyard. Unfortunately, it is not within plain view. It's kind of tucked in the side-yards and I wish they were more visibile. I love the bright color of them, but hate the spikey thorns.
Here's some left over 4th of July stuff...we like it, so it's up still!
Hannah had Marco on the floaty and took him around the pool a few times. It wasn't long before he fell asleep. Oh yes...he does have Dora the Explorer Swimmers on. Oh, well! His cheap mom wants to use up the ones that Naomi never used. Hey! Those things aren't cheap. LOL
Hannah recently gave me a pedicure....thanks, Hannah!

Naomi doesn't like to go past the first step in the pool, so she sits there, on the edge and watches. Well, today something caught her eye. She saw these ants working the day away. At first, she was scared. Then her sister reminded her that Ni Hao Kai Lan (a cartoon) had ants on her show. After that she was very happy to let the ants continue in their work, unharmed.
What I could see from the floaty I was laying on in the pool. Ah, yes. That is blue sky!

Self-portrait - Yes, I was so relaxed that I don't even care that you see me like this!
These are the diving sticks that my girls love to play with. You throw them in and then race to gather them up.

Here she the edge of the pool.
Last, but not is my Big Guy who will be one year old on the 30th of this month. He got a little burnt today, but not too bad. His hair is getting curlier than ever. I love it. He's been having a rough week though, because he has a couple teeth that are coming out. Poor guy - cute as ever anyway!
So, that's it. Marco and I had to work tonight for a few hours, but other than that, pretty relaxing day with the family. I love Saturdays like this!

Thursday, July 10, 2008

For Dad...

This is an altered tin (Altoid type) that I made for my dad. It holds pics of me, my dh and my kiddos. I also included some random gift cards of places he likes to eat and have coffee. I tried to keep it as foo-foo free as possible.
oh...and yes, it says "Love, Fred" - that's what he called me when I was little. =]

And since I am showing you something I recently made, here is something else that I did recently. I teach a Jr. High and High School girls Sunday School class at church. We are going to be starting on a new devotional book. The book encourages us to keep a journal as we go through the lessons are encouraged to meditate on God's Word and issues that are so important.
So, I went to Staples and bought these recycled, sugar-cane made spiral notebooks (less than $1.50 each). I gave one to each girl and then let them have at my collection of supplies (they love it when they walk in and see all my stuff there!). We took a heavy patterned cardstock, cut it to fit the front cover, and then applied it with a thin layer of mod podge. From there you can go as wild as you want. Add ribbon, chipboard shapes and letters, flowers, glitter...whatever! Hannah did the black one and I did the other one. Actually, I did most of it. Hannah added a bunch more ribbon to it for me.
The girls were instructed to bring it back every week for class. I hope they're as excited as I am about it!