Tuesday, February 20, 2007

So, what's it gonna be...???

Last Wednesday, Valentine's Day, was my big ultrasound. We were all so excited! Before the family could come in, the technician had to do all of the necessary measurements. I tried to catch a "reaction" from her by chit-chatting about the fact that I had 3 girls and it sure would be great if this one was a boy, etc. Nope. Nada. Stone-faced, she was. After what seemed like forever, she said I could call in my family. I didn't have to ask them twice! We were all filled with so much anticipation. I get back on the table as they gathered around me. She starts to point out the heart, let us hear the heart beat, "oh, there's the stomach"...important for our family, and "see the legs and arms kicking?" We were all taking it in and of course, I had a lump in my throat just to see LIFE! It amazed me that this little one was kicking and moving so much, yet I couldn't feel any of it. My husband couldn't take it any longer. He blurts out - "yes, but is it a boy or girl?!" The room got silent and we all (even little Naomi) looked over at the technician. "So, you really want to know, huh?" Still no hint of expression on this woman's face. Waiting...still waiting..."Well, it looks like daddy is going to have a helper around the house!" Finally, she cracks a smile. Man, she is good. Of course, we all explode in unison, "a boy? for real, a boy?" I am crying at this point. The girls are cheering. Marco has the Noive to ask the lady if she is sure. Ummm...yes, is her answer. This is what I do...(back to no expression on her face) We, of course, are still celebrating!

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