Monday, November 24, 2008

Simple Woman's Daybook ~ November 24th

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FOR TODAY ...November 24th
Outside my window... the sun is just peeking it's way through the dark shadows and I can hear my two pups rustling around as day breaks.
I am thinking... about my busy schedule this week.
I am thankful for...the chance to spend time with family and friends.
From the learning rooms...a few Thanksgiving crafts, lots of math to be completed by both girls and some writing that needs to be tackled...
From the kitchen...chicken breast is as far as I've gotten... LOL
I am wearing... my flannel p.j.'s ("passion killers" says my friend Miriam =]) and a robe
I am creating... another Quince album for a young lady in my church.
I am going... to be running lots of errands today...haven't shopped for my 2 Thanksgiving dinners! Yikes!
I am reading...The Gift of a Letter by Alexandra Stoddard...I am hoping to revive my love for good 'ole fashioned correspondence
I am hoping...that I get a good deal on the things I need and that I stay with the plan I have written down. =]
I am hearing... a new Christmas CD that my hubby got me for my birthday... Josh Groban's "Noel"
Around the house... I have piles of books to be put away or marked for reading, some laundry to be done and some cleaning to do.
One of my favorite my church family. They spoiled me yesterday with a surprise birthday celebration and I am still smiling at the thought of all the love they expressed for me.
A few plans for the rest of the week: Well, today I've got a full day of errands and shopping, a Thanksgiving service to attend tomorrow, Thanksgiving dinner at our church on Wednesday, Thanksgiving at my house Thursday, hoping to get to Michael's early on Black Friday for something special, scrapbooking on Saturday at a friend's house and in the Lord's house on Sunday!
Here is picture thought I am sharing...

This is Naomi. She is enjoying some ice cream with hot fudge sauce ... thank you Desiree! LOL


SavedbyGrace said...

You need to put a contact area on your atered to perfection web... I wanted to ask you how much you would charge to do a scrapbook =]

tapatika said...

ok, Naomi's pic is wonderful... you seem to always have laundry to do! lol i probably do too i just don't want to open the hamper. haha my picture is of the front of my church i am going to over here in oly, it's called Westwood Baptist Church. i like it so far but we haven't gone to a bible study class yet because of my work schedule... that will be the real test. =) good luck with errands!