Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Today, I am thankful for...! I love music. I love all kinds of music. My playlist, that you are listening to right now, changes all the time. Right now, I feel like I want mellow music. Sometimes I like fun, crazy music. We had a good laugh at the retreat over my choice of songs for the CD mix, right guys? LOL

Robert and Juan - so faithful and vital to our music program!
I love to sing. Unfortunately, my voice has been getting lower and lower and lower. I got really sick in college and developed nodes on my vocal chords. Never dealt with it properly and now I lose my voice very easily and can not sing like the first soprano I once was. I actually am a very low baratone/bass now. Oh, well. I still love singing. Especially praise and worship music.

One of my favorite CCM groups - their song lyrics! Oh, my word!
We had a special group come and sing and play at our church tonight. It was so inspirational. I really needed it and my heart was comforted after being all roughed up this week.
I sing in our church worship group and I enjoy it so much. We sing in Spanish and English.
A little over two years ago, my family and I went through some big changes. I clung to certain songs during that time. It was like a healing salve on my broken heart.
I am thankful for music. I like all kinds. I love classical and opera. I enjoy hearing children sing and I don't even mind hearing Bon Qui Qui bust the occasional rap. =]
Marco and I celebrating our 15th anniversary. We love musicals.

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missyg said...

LOL! I just read your blog. Funny that we both thought of the same thing.

Thanks again for the challenge! It has been very good for me!