Thursday, November 20, 2008

Today, I am thankful for... siblings! I am the oldest of 5 and I have 3 sisters and 1 brother. I am here in Cali, 2 sisters are in Washington (different cities), 1 sister is in New Mexico and my brother is in Michigan.
I feel like we have gotten closer in our relationship, but we are farther apart in distance. Not only do I love my siblings, but I also love their families. My SIL Kim is like one of the sisters, as far as I'm concerned. My BIL Miguel is someone who is a wonderful father and husband. I haven't had a chance to really get to know P.J. or Clint, but I know they are great guys. Don't even get me started on my nieces and nephews. They are all adorable and very smart. =]
Recently, my siblings and I have started a photo blog. None of us are professional photographers, we don't even have a fancy camera in the whole lot of us, but we thought it'd be cool to share a picture a week with each other and the blogging world. We post a new set every Friday. Check us out by clicking here. QUINTESSENTIAL
Love you guys!!

My sister-in-law and friend...Kim

Pink: Esther Yellow: Deborah White: Tabitha
Red Tie: Ondray Printed Shirt: Me =]

Allexia (Ondray and Kim's) Logan (Ondray and Kim's)
Abby (Esther's) Lucas(Ondray and Kim's) Naomi (mine)


SavedbyGrace said...

Hey can you squeez Josiah in there?=] just kidding! I feel the same way. that we all have grown closer together. I'm missing all of you guys!

The Ballengers said...

I just love your blog, Sherry. The pictures of your family are precious. Your tiny little mom is as cute as ever. Your family seems so neat. I think I would just laugh my head off if I ever got to sit in on a meal w/ all of you. They all seem to be as fun as you are.
Love you.

Martha said...

OMG: you could just scoop anyone of those five and just smooch 'em to death! LOVE how the pink shoes are sticking out from under those beautiful dresses!

You are indeed blessed with a very beautiful family!