Wednesday, November 12, 2008

November 12 on 12

I was really looking forward to this months 12 on 12. I made sure my girls reminded me, I thought about what pictures I might like to take...but there was one thing I did not think about. My batteries. Ugh! I just charged them. Did I already take that many pictures? Oh, well. Luckily I was still able to get enough pictures to have a selection of some sort to choose from.

Okay. Dropped the girls off for school and headed out to see the newly renovated Michael's. Desi said it was really nice and I had to see for myself. She was right. I got a very nice arrangement for 80% off!

I decided to drive thru downtown Riverside on the way home. They are starting their decorating for the Mission Inn's famous Festival of Lights.

This was on one of the walls. I've never noticed these faces before. Kinda startled me!

There are lots of historic buildings downtown like this old church.

Had to send some stuff to South Carolina!

Naomi picked out some Dora the Explorer stickers in the $1 section at Michael's. She wanted to "scrapbook" with me. So, I made a little album out of construction paper for her.

Marco taking a break right after work with his "Big Guy". Will be getting ready to leave soon and go to his other job - church.

Practice does not make perfect, in my opinion, practice makes permanent. So, here's Taryn - getting ready for Open House next week.

Hannah decides to play a bit for us as well.
The arrangement I picked up at Michael's. Our church needed a little something "fallish" for the front.

Here is my best friend doing the job he loves most. Ministering to the people at our church.

I was catching up on some blog reading and this was the word capture that I had to type in to leave a comment on someone's blog. I thought it was pretty fitting. =D
Not so great pictures today. Like I said, I planned on it and then I just wasn't really with it today like I wanted to be. Oh, well - there's always next month, right?


shirley319 said...

Yes, something was in the air yesterday! I love picture #2 - it looks like it was taken in a dream. Good for your Taryn and her practicing - I hope she enjoys the violin.
Thanks for the peak into your day - it was much sunnier there than here!

tapatika said...

ok so tell me why i was looking at these pictures and then i go to the bathroom... when i come back in it was like an opera entrance when i came to my computer!! "Somewhere" by II Divo was playing and i started cracking up so hard because it was just weird... hahaha i love this pics. so is it 12 pics on the 12th? interesting and it has to do with you going through your day? how fun... i wish i could do that! i wish i was at Michaels!!! i love it there!

Le@nne said...

I think they were great pics. Sometimes it's good to appreciate the small things around you - like the wall you hadn't noticed, the old building and of course the word verification! Now that's not going to happen every month is it?