Friday, November 28, 2008

Today, I am thankful for... Hannah, my oldest child, my friend. Anyone who reads here is already familiar with her. She's an awesome cook, big sister, scrapbooker, student...I could go on!
On Thanksgiving day we found out that her puppy, Chowder, was very sick. We didn't know what it was - but we kept an eye on him all day - and got ready for a house full of people that would be arriving for Thanksgiving dinner.
It was really bad. He was getting sick all over the place. I thought maybe he ate something bad or that maybe he ate Oso's adult formula food and it was making him sick.
Through all of it, Hannah kept cleaning up after him. She did not complain at all. I felt so bad for her because I knew it was hurting her.
I finally told my husband that we needed to take him to a vet. He had to drive quite a ways away to get to the only emergency vet that was open on Thanksgiving.
The news wasn't good. Chowder would have to be put down. He had Parvo and it was bad. He talked to Hannah about it. They let her say good-bye and gave Hannah his collar and that was it.
They headed back to the house. When she got home she just fell into my arms and cried. I cried with her. What an awful feeling to have your baby feeling so sad and not being able to "fix" it. I just let her cry and I hugged her. Later, I gave her a Pug Webkinz that I had bought and was saving for Christmas. She cried more, but then hasn't let go of it.
I am so thankful to have such a mature young lady. She is beautiful, smart, loving, creative and kind. She's Hannah.
This is a picture of the Webkinz I gave her and the collar from Chowder.


Beth said...

Oh, no, Sherry! Please tell Hannah we're thinking about her and saying prayers for comfort. Camryn lost her cat, Harry, last February, so we know what that sorrow feels like.

Elisabeth Renee said...

Oh how sad! I'm tearing up here! I'll be praying for Hannah. It is such a hard thing to loose a friend like that.

Sue said...

I am so sorry for Hannah and the rest of you. So very, very, very sad.

Cathy said...

Oh, Sherry, my heart just breaks for Hannah! I'm so sorry to hear her cute little puppy had to be put to sleep, and even more sad to hear that it happened on Thanksgiving. Sending her a great big hug!

SavedbyGrace said...

My heart just breaks for her. And for you as a mom. I dread the day when Chloe and Diego will be gone, but I seriously think they'll be with us in heaven.

Brynn said...

Poor Hannah! I have tears in my eyes, just reading your story. ((((hugs)))) to both of you.

tapatika said...

hannah... my love. thanks sherry for making tears come to my eyes! i could just see hannah cleaning everything up with no complaints just wanting chowder to feel better. i am so sorry for the loss in your family. i wish i could be there to comfort you guys... i know what it feels like to lose a dog, especially one so close to you.

Donna said...

How awful .. poor Hannah! (and the rest of you too). Please let her know we're saying prayers for all of you. {{{{{HUGS}}}}}