Saturday, January 3, 2009

What a day...

I have not been feeling too well, lately. I feel like I've had a tension headache/neck ache since before Christmas. It's just made me feel icky - you know? Not comfortable in my own skin. I spent the whole day in pajamas. Now, don't get me wrong. I am still the same 'ole obsessive Sherry. I did shower and put on a fresh set of pj's. I did do several loads of laundry, cooked a great meal for my family, but that's about it. You know I couldn't just lay around. LOL Now, I am asking myself - why not? I need to just relax for once. Duh. Maybe that is why I have had all that tension lately. *sigh*
Anyway, I have been thinking about the new blog challenge and wondered where I would find beauty. I thought about things in my house, my children, some blogs that I read today...but I ended up choosing my best friend - Marco. =] Shhh...don't tell him he's beautiful...LOL He'd have a macho fit. =]
He knows how bad I've been feeling and in turn, feels really bad for me. He had work to do during the day, but when he got home - all attention was on me. He did everything he could to make me feel better. I love this man. He worked hard all day and then came home and rubbed my feet, took care of the kids... I am so thankful for him. He even made me laugh several times and that always makes me feel better. I am glad that we have each other to lift up in hard times.
Ecclesiastes 4:9-10
9Two are better than one; because they have a good reward for their labour.

10For if they fall, the one will lift up his fellow: but woe to him that is alone when he falleth; for he hath not another to help him up.


The Ballengers said...

Isn't it wonderful to have a wonderful husband?!?!

Rest, oh yes, that is what you're supposed to do when you're body's screaming for help, right? I'm like you. There's all this "stuff" to do, and it doesn't even cross my mind that I really ought to take care of myself! Actually lying down and sleeping/resting? What? I don't have time for THAT?!?!

Try to really enjoy this "day of rest" today.

Love you. Praying you'll be feeling better very soon!



Shabby Olde Potting Shed said...

Happy SONday Merry Sherry!

Hope you awoke feeling better this morning! I loved reading about the photo challenge... how neat.

Sounds like you and your guy have a wonderful relationship. I bet he just adores you. AND, I think havin a day in our jammies should be mandatory sometimes!

Thanks for all your encouragement and I'm here to encourage you too in any way I can. I too wish there was a free program. The only free one I can come up with is how about a BLOG one. We can just have our own! There is a good handful of us wanting to make some changes. We can lift eachother up, and come up with our goals and I wish there was a ticker we could find for our sidebars that didnt have to show what we weigh but just the pounds lost. WB with any ideas... IM GAME IF YOU ARE!

SavedbyGrace said...

I think it is funny that you and I both chose a orange and blue background :O) what kindred spirits we are :)
hope you are doing better. Maybe dear hubby needs to adjust your neck for you!

McKay Family said...

I hope you're feeling better. Maybe a full body rub down before bed...DH's are always good for that. Sometimes mine groans about it, but he does it anyway!

Cindy S. said...

Hope you are feeling better. You have a wonderful Hubby! Praying for you to feel better.