Thursday, January 1, 2009

January Blog Challenge: Search for BEAUTY...

This challenge is hosted by Traci ~
From her post: I've been spotting a lot of beauty around me lately, snapping pictures whenever I can. Mostly inner beauty with the kids, beauty in nature... just the kind of thing that makes you stop in awe at God's creation. A lot of it is stuff that I don't have time to really scrap but it definitely brightens my day to be looking for the beauty even if I don't have a purpose for the pictures. Everyone always complains about how gloomy January can be in the aftermath of the Christmas glow, so it's important to focus on the beautiful aspects too.
The Challenge for January will be a Search for Beauty. This beauty can be a combination of both inner or outer beauty and will include a photo contest too. The rules are as follows:

Part 1:
Blog daily about the people/places/things you find beauty in. A post can be a tribute to a special person that is or was beautiful to you. Or a post about something beautiful in the world around us. It could even include a beautiful plate of cookies that you bake, or a drawing hanging on your fridge.

The challenge will run from January 3rd - January 31

Part 2:
Post 3 pictures each week showcasing beauty. I'm not going to give you weekly categories this month because I want you to feel free to snap and post photos as you search for beauty.

Note: There will be 2 separate prizes for this challenge, one will be drawn out of the people who blog daily successfully, and one will be drawn from the people who post 3 photos each week. You can win one, or even both, but you don't have to participate in one to win the other, etc. Photography/Writing skills do not play a part in this contest so please jump in and participate even if your posts are short and sweet and photos aren't the best quality!

I am going to participate and I hope you will go over and visit her blog to let her know that you will be playing too. =]


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And do you know what the best part of January is????

Sheri can actually have a chance to win the prize! lol.

Shabby Olde Potting Shed said...

Hey this is so neat! WHAT A GREAT IDEA to chase away the winter blues!