Thursday, January 8, 2009

Beauty in...Quick and Easy Kits!

A friend of mine gave me a Shadowbox Kit for my birthday and I have not had time to even give it a second glance. Tonight, I was listing some things in my new Etsy shop and I felt like being creative, but wanted to do something quick. This was the perfect project. The kit was from Gallery J Paper Crafts and it was all inclusive. All I needed was adhesive!
Unfortunately, I did not take a before picture - but this is what I ended up with and I love it. This would be a great project for those of you with little snippets of time here and there or for those of you that are always telling me that you're not creative. All you do is look at the paper and follow the directions. =] Makes a great gift too - I love it!


TrulyBlessed said...

That is such a cute picture. i love your jars of buttons... i wish i had some of those!!!

Brynn said...

That is SO cute!!!

Shabby Olde Potting Shed said...

what a cute project... ~ GREAT birthday gift wasn't it!!!!
I'm with truly blessed,..... I want to poke through those button jars!
You werent' kiddin when you told me you are an apothecary person too.
I'm aghast how we like so many of the same things. Buttons, scrapbooking, jars, AND BEST OF ALL JESUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

AND, you just turned me onto OPERA? WHO KNEW!!!