Friday, January 30, 2009

Beauty...all around me...

This is the BEFORE shot of my sweet boy....

He was so good...a little frosted mini wheat for bribery never hurt. =]

My little guy got his hair cut today. Yup. His beautiful locks were just getting out of control! Daddy said it was time, so we did. One of my bestest besties came over. Vicki does all of our hair and she actually cut his hair when he was a few months old, but it was just to even it out. Anyway, we all got our hair cut. Marco was very well behaved. We aren't used to it yet, but I guess it'll grow, right? =[ I am watching for the ends to curl up...but I am not seeing it.
At any rate, Vicki and I had a great time talking. We don't live that far away from each other, but we don't get together as often as I'd like. That's going to have to change. I love spending time with her. We've had a lot of heart to heart talks...especially lately. I'm glad we can just be ourselves when we're with each other. Everyone should have that kind of friend.
Later in the evening, my friend Alma stopped by. She came to bring me some tamales and a surprise that she's had for me, "for a while", she said. I was excited to see what it was. Would you like to see? I love all things fall and pumpkin and leaves...of course you all know that already! I decorate in fall theme year round. This is what I got:

Dont you love it? A beautiful beaded leaf ornament and ceramic pumpkin.

Hannah made us the best dinner. Jaime (my brother-in-law) stopped by to pick up some Etsy orders that needed to be delivered to the direction he was going. I sent along extra items in hopes that they will sell too. My friend Virginia ordered a few and offered to show the other things too. She's always been such a good friend to me.
After dinner, my family and I were just sitting around and my husband says, "Who wants ice cream?" Of course that was followed by squeels and screams and shouts of joy. We went to Dairy Queen, ate way too much ice cream and then came home and watched Kit Kittredge: An American Girl. Awesome movie for any age! Could not have been a better day.
Now, as I type, the house is silent and all I can hear is light music from the computer and the occasional sigh from one of my sleeping children.
Life is good.

After...this is the best still shot I could get after he sat so long (and so well!)


shirley said...

What a cutie and you are correct - life is good!

Brynn said...

Sounds like a perfect day! Isn't it funny how they look so grown up after a haircut? My boys all got theirs chopped yesterday too.

I'm still waiting for Hannah to come visit me so she can show me how to cook!

Menjiness said...

That sounds like a perfect day! The haircut is so cute!!!

~~Carrie Ann said...

So cute! Oh, Sherry...I haven't been able to read blogs recently. I've missed keeping up with you! I think I'm back into my groove now! :)

McKay Family said...

Awww...that first haircut. We still have a long while to go on that one!