Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Beauty...An Over-all Good Day!

The kids didn't complain much today. They did their schoolwork without a hassle, chores were completed and everyone got along nicely.

Dinner was simple, yet wonderful. Everybody was happy and ate without making a face about any single thing.

The laundry got completed, folded and put away. Yes, of course it's already starting to pile back up, but that's how it goes, right? =]

I had some nice correspondence with friends near and far.

A book that I listed on half.com over a year ago (and forgot about) sold today. Thank goodness I knew exactly where it was. I even got it shipped out!

I got an etsy order for 5 mailboxes sent out.

After dinner, hubby and I went to make a visit on a new family that requested we come by. It turned out to be a very nice visit and we were glad to get to know this new family more.

After we left, Marco drove straight to Starbucks (much to my delight). We decided to go in and sit for a little bit while we drank our Pumpkin Spice Lattes and I even had a blueberry oatmeal bar...hey, I am on a happy roll here - so no talk of calories - okay? =]

We return home and the girls have already cleaned up from dinner, homework is complete and the kids are all ready for bed.

Yes, this is what I'd say was an over-all good day. How was your day?

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Virginia Harris said...

Mmmm! Sounds good. I had a new treat last night. My friend brought me a blueberry tea latte to Temple Keepers last night. It was delicious (after the weigh in!) :-)

Glad you had a good day!