Monday, January 5, 2009

I think I am coming down with something. Feels like a chest cold. Yuck. I tried to take it easy today, but you know how hard that is for me. (smile)
I have been giving thought to comments and emails that I've received lately and I have to say that it has really encouraged my heart to know that this blog has been a tool in helping to encourage or motivate others. I started this blog because I needed an outlet. You would not believe how many journals I have filled up in my life time. I still love to write in a nice journal and love to collect them, but a blog has some extra appeal that a journal or diary does not. I love that I can add pictures right off the computer, that I can link to other blogs, that you can comment and share your thoughts with me.... Lately though, I have decided that I really want to FOCUS on being a help to others. As I learn and grow - I want to share what I've learned and how I grow (actually, I'd love to share how I am shrinking, but it hasn't started yet. Ha.). The comments you leave here are so important to me. I know that I have lots of people stop by...that's what the traffic feed is for, but it helps me to know what is striking a chord with you all when you leave a little of yourself here.
I also know that what I write does not always affect everyone the same way. That's okay. Sometimes my post will be of a religious nature - I don't expect everyone to agree. I may share a recipe that you think is lame, I may try to crack a joke that you think is a flop - now, come on...most of you are laughing with me...right? (insert cricket sounds)
So. Keep on commenting. Start commenting. Whatever. Just let me know that you are here.

The Rag Doll and Naomi - BEAUTY!
I had a great day with my family today. The kids are still on break. Hannah got to hang out with some friends and the rest of us laid around with our bellies up in the air (just kidding - but one day I am going to do that. seriously.) So, this brings me to my post on finding BEAUTY.
I found Naomi playing with the new ragdoll she got for Christmas. I told you I'd post again about it. This rag doll is so adorable. It was made by the daughter of a friend of mine. I believe her daughter is 11. I read about her doll making experiment on her blog. I got permission from her mom to add a link, so just click here, but she mentioned that she would make them and try to sell them on etsy. She also mentioned that she'd charge$16 for each one. Well, I loved it. First, I love a hand-made anything - usually. I just appreciate craftmanship. Secondly, what little girl wouldn't love a doll that feels like a pillow, is light enough to carry everywhere and even has initials monogrammed on the chest? Lastly, I thought that $16 + shipping was not that high a price to encourage someone to keep doing something that is good! I ordered the doll and it came after only a few weeks. It had a new little outfit (real baby clothes) and I gave it to Naomi for Christmas. She named it Emelie. ;]
If you are interested in a doll (I'm not even sure if the young lady has closed up shop or not =]) - just let me know in the comments or go and visit the link I added. I think it also makes a great keepsake since it was hand-made. Oh, and let me tell you - it is very nicely sewn. Don't let her age fool you!

"teaching" Emelie how to walk

These are not staged photos...she LOVES this doll!

She thinks that the girl on the shirt looks like her! =]

More hugs...


Le@nne said...

Love those photos :)
I hope you feel better soon!

Char said...

I am here! I love your blog Sherry, you are so real and honest. It is so refreshing! I hope you are feeling better soon!

McKay Family said...

Love the doll...handmade things are so nice! Things to treasure.

BTW - I swear by Mucinex for head and chest colds..especially for congestion.

SavedbyGrace said...

She is too cute with her little friend. Abby would love that! I was going to make her a doll out of one of my shirts for Christmas, but I broke my sewing machine =[

Traci said...

I just have to say that I think this is my very favorite beauty post yet.. she is just a gorgeous little gal. That smile just lights up doesn't it?

And the doll is cute too, lol.

Shabby Olde Potting Shed said...

THESE ARE beautiful photos!
Naomi is GORGEOUS! AND her little friend Emelie is a beaut too! She does look well made, and by such a young girl... WOW! -- What good friends; Naomi and Emelie seem to be!

I know you're not feelin real swift but just want ya to know... I'm with ya on the shrinking... we're gonna be thee incredible shrinking women! K? We're on this journey together! Now you know YOU are the STARBUCKS queen... so I'm trusting YOU to figure out what we can have there within our BRAND NEW life change! I think I might like the skinny chai tea lattes. But what else is there. WE HAVE TO... and must FIND OUT! LOL
I'm a little frustrated because my numbers didn't drop this morning.. and I've been workin SO hard. So I'm trying to stay FOCUSED on God, and keep on keepin on... the rest will follow!
Write when you have time and feel better!
What say, when we reach our goal, we both buy a brand new dress that looks like the jazzies SCRAPBOOK PAPER EVER!!! WHOOhOOOO!
Love ya,
YOU CAN DO ALL THINGS through CHRIST who strengthens you!!!!