Tuesday, April 1, 2008

SS Blog Challenge #11 April Fool's Day

This one is from Weezie.
In honour of April Fools' Day (or All Fools' Day as it is also known), I'd love to hear your favourite April Fools' Day stories!...do you 'celebrate' April Fools' Day? Why or why not?...what is the best/worst prank you have pulled?...what is the best/worst prank you have heard of others pulling?...what pranks have been pulled on you?...what have your children or other family members done?...do you have any traditions that you carry on from year to year?...have you ever had a prank backfire (been caught in the act, tables turned and the joke ended up being on you instead, etc)?...do you know the history of April Fools' Day?...are there any regional differences or traditons that are unique to your area/country? (I didn't know if there really would be...I mean, a joke is a joke is a joke...but you never know!) ...what is your earliest April Fools' Day memory?...anything else related to April Fools' Day that you can think of, I'd love to hear it!
Well to be honest, I don't think I've ever gone "all out" for April Fool's Day. I can think of small pranks and things that I've said, followed by the old "April Fool's" in my best sing songy voice - but nothing spectacular.
I remember my 4th grade teacher turning all of our desks backwards after recess and the confusion when we all reached into our desks for our spelling books, but instead jammed our fingers into the wrong side of the desk. As a 4th grader, I thought that was briliant! LOL
Today I posted a fake status under my update on Facebook. It said "Sherry is glad that her nose piercing is healing nicely. She can't wait to try out the new diamond stud she bought!" I thought that would raise a few eye brows for some of my conservative, holy roller friends. Instead, the first person to comment was my far away friend from SS, Lee. She told me that I was brave and to be sure and post a picture. I felt bad that she believed it. I had to let her in on the secret. I'm way to chicken to try anything like that!
I think it's all in good fun to an extent. I know people that have taken it way too far and let it get out of hand. I would never want to do something that would scare someone or hurt them just for the sake of a laugh. I love to make people laugh, I prefer that we are both laughing! =D


Anonymous said...

LOL! You got me! I saw that on Facebook and thought you had it pierced also. I thought "Wow! I am so far behind the times. I could never do that!"


Brynn said...

Oh, poor Lee, I think had I not read her blog first, I would have believed you too. I would have definitely been "confused" & surprised though!

No, we've never really celebrated April Fool's day, it's my mom's b day & it was also my grandpa's; We always celebrated that instead. Much more fun!

Lee said...

Oh, Sherry! Don't take my blog personally. It was about the DAY certainly not about you or your enjoyment of it. Your "April Fool" had to have been the fifth or sixth event of the day (and truly one of the more fun and kind-spirited) and it just reminded me how much I am not a fan of the day.