Sunday, April 13, 2008

12 on 12 for April....

Here are my 12 photos to record my day on the 12th of this month.

I was up super late on Friday night doing paper work for school. I looked up at the clock and realised that it was already 12 on 12 day! Ugh. I am supposed to be Midnite Scrapper, not Midnite School Teacher.
Some of my paper work....

My two favorite guys in the world having breakfast.

Hannah having a bowl of sugar for breakfast. I caved and let them have some "very bad for them" Coco Puffs because they were super cheap that day. LOL

Little Miss Giggles having some whole wheat toast, natural PB, and strawberry jam. =]
Our neighbor, Dale, has the best lemons growing on this little tree in his front yard. So sweet! He leaves them out front in a box with some bags for the taking.
Here's Boo with the art sets that Dale gave her. His children are grown and they have been "sitting around", he said.
I stopped here for gift cards and I didn't even buy anything for myself. Sad, I know, but I am trying to be really good!
Here is my next stop. I love this place. I could spend lots of money here.
Isn't this beautiful? This is just a little of what I got at TJ's. Heirloom tomatoes and artichokes. Yum.
After dinner was cleared and everyone was asleep, I got to settle down with this. I was too tired to actually scrap, so I just read about it!
Over-all, it was a great day!


Lee said...

Thanks for sharing your day! Your kids are so adorable - though I'm not in the least bit surprised :) Love artichokes ... but how do you prepare them?

shirley319 said...

Looks like you have such nice weather - so sun shiny! And your kids are adorable....

SavedbyGrace said...

Naomi is growing up to be more and more beautiful! Just like her big sisters!

Kaye said...

Mmmmmm...Cocoa Puffs!! One of my favorites!

I loved all your pictures. I read that scrapping magazine last week while I sat on the beach. It was so nice!

Kaye (HappyCamper)