Sunday, April 6, 2008

SS Bog Challenge #12 - Getting To Know You...

This week's challenge is brought to you by ... ME! =]

Blog Challenge #12 - Getting To Know You

Copy and paste the following section into your blog and answer as best as you can.

You can elaborate (I hope you do), you can post pictures, you can be deep, you can be funny. Whatever you choose -just be honest.

Second part of the challenge - post a picture (from this week) of you at your computer. Don't worry about cleaning up - just post and have fun.

1) Right now I want: Right now I want to eat some of the carrot cake that my daughter made for DH. I have not eaten sugar or any carbs for 2 weeks and I can smell the cream cheese frosting from here. *sigh* Be strong.

2) I wish I knew how to: I wish I knew how to digital scrapbook. I made a weak attempt, but I am a visual learner. I wish someone could just sit down with me and show me step by step. Ugh. My plan would be to finish scrapping all my photos already printed and digi scrap all the ones waiting in my computer.

3) When I want to indulge myself, I: I usually scrapbook or read. I don't get much uninterupted time around here - so that is a luxury!

4) You’ll never see me: sitting around with nothing to do. I don't understand women that are "bored". Of course, I have met women that are "boring", but that's another story. I always have something to do. Always.

5) A childhood memory that I love: A childhood memory that I especially love is of a Christmas in Colorado. We had just moved there and our things had not arrived from Alabama yet. We did not have any of our Christmas decorations. My dad took us to go find pinecones. All sizes. We painted them and sprinkled glitter all over them. Then he took Coke cans, cut them into strips and twisted them around pencils so that they were in a spiral. We hung those on the tree too. We even strung popcorn and cranberries. My brother and I got an Atari game system. This was the first time they had ever come out with this type of thing. Wow. We were amazed. We knew Mom and Dad didn't really have the money for it, yet "Santa" was able to help them out.

6) 2 things I do every single day: Pray for my family and go online (see my priorities?) LOL

7) Happiest moment of 2008, so far: The happiest moment of 2008 so far started out to be not so happy. We made the decision to move closer to our church. We didn't really have the money or energy to do this, but it had to be done. We found a place, but then found out that we had 1 week to move. In the end, it was the best thing we could've done. God is good. We are way closer to work, school things, friends, and our house is perfect for us!

8) Describe yourself in 3 words: funny, encouraging, energetic (I asked DH to help...I know, that's cheating...) His answers were: loving, energetic, smart =]

9) 2 scrap related goals for this year: Learn to Digi Scrap. Go to an SS scrap retreat.

10) You have $40 that you MUST spend on yourself – what do you do with it?

I would probably go to the spa and get a mini massage or facial or maybe spend time with a Starbucks browsing Barnes and Nobles and purchasing the books I like instead of putting them back on the shelf.
Now, the second part of the challenge: Here's a picture of me blogging. See all my scrap stuff out from Menjiness' visit? I am still scrapping!


peaches said...

Enjoyed getting to know you better, Sherry! :)

Melissa said...

Great challenge! I cant wait to get working on mine.

Pamela said...

Great answers to this challenge! It was nice to get to know you! Maybe you can come to a New England retreat sometime.

shirley319 said...

Great challenge and assortment of questions.