Friday, April 25, 2008

Love this girl!

I have the same routine every morning (as long as it's a "regular" day). I get up, brush my teeth, make my bed (if no kiddos are in it), make a cup of coffee, have my quiet time, and then head over to my laptop to read my emails, SS, blogs, check facebook, etc.

Naomi is usually up before the other girls. She ALWAYS comes out to where I am and in the sweetest voice (eyes barely open yet) says, "Good morning, mommy." Talk about melting me and starting my day out right! I started getting used to it and then just today thought I'd share it with all of my friends. Oh, and it's always followed with the best hug and snuggles.

Just love her to pieces. Seriously. God is so good to me. I really have the best family.


Brynn said...

Sounds like a great way to start your day! She is just a doll.

SavedbyGrace said...

I love that! Although Abby's first morning comment is "where are we going today?" Kids are such a blessing!

Lee said...

I have two left like that - my oldest and my youngest! What did I do wrong with the two in the middle :)?

Kaye said...

What a wonderful way to start the day!