Saturday, April 12, 2008

ABC's of My Favorite Things....

A- Avacados - To think that I used to throw these away! We had a tree where we rented when we first got married. I didn't know what they were - they looked nasty - I threw them away. The landlord (very nice lady) flipped. She showed me how to eat them and I've been hooked ever since!

B- Books - I love books. All kinds. I could spend a lot of money on books. I know you can find most things on line now-a-days, but I just love having a good book in hand.

C- Chocolate - not just any old chocolate, but the good stuff. Mmmm...especially truffles or caramel.

D- Daddy - I am still a "Daddy's Girl" He is such a hard-working, loving father. I could not ever ask for better.

E- Etsy - It is my newest obsession. I'd like to get up the nerve to start selling on there....hmmm?

F- Faith, Family and Friends - honestly...where would I be without these?

G- Gerber daisies - love them fresh, love them for decor, love them in print----love 'em.

H- Happy people - it's contagious, right? So, I want to surround myself with people that are genuinely happy. Now, we all have our rough times, but you know what I mean. Nobody likes a Debbie Downer!

I- Ice cream - Any flavor will do, but during the holiday season it's Dreyer's Peppermint (add a little bit of hot fudge) Wow.

J- Java - coffee------hot, cold, blended, on ice, as a flavor. Whatever. Bring it on.

K- Kits - I have started buying scrap and card stuff by the kit. I like that everything coordinates. No thinking necessary. Save your brains for the reading!

L- Laughter - the throw your head back, let out a snort, coughing on your spit, gasping for air kind.

M- Marco - he is the love of my life. The best daddy, husband, and friend in the world

N- Nachos - have I mentioned food too many times? All the toppings...wait. hold the onions!

O- Ocean - the view, the sounds, the smell, the action, the calm, the wonder

P- Pumpkins - I would have them out all year long if I could. I really do like all things fall. The colors and smell. The chill in the air.

Q- Quilts - I have a few homemade quilts that I've received as gifts. I find this kind of craftsmanship incredible. I love the colors and patterns, and it brings me joy when I look at them or use them.

R- Reading - see the above post under letter "B". If I am not reading a book (currently reading a couple), then I am flipping through a magazine, or reading a blog on-line. Readers are leaders!

S- Scrapbooking - I know this is a shocker. I feel like I have a little of my mojo back since Desiree came over. I needed a kick start back into it.

T- Travel - I love to travel. By plane, train, or automobile. I have so many places on my list of "must visit".

U- USA - Land of the Free. Home of the Brave. My country. 'Nuff said.

V- Visits - I love to have company over and I really enjoy getting a chance to visit with friends and family when I can.

W- Writing - Not only do I like to write in my Blog, but I also like to write. Period. I like my handwriting, I like to doodle, I like to make lists....which is why I also love great Writing Instruments!

X- X-er-sizing - Okay, so I cheated a little with that one! LOL But, I can honestly say that I enjoy exercising now. Really.

Y- Yummy food - food again. Sorry, but I am passionate about my food. I love to cook and I love to eat. I am learning that my matabolism is not the same as it used to be, so I now have to make better choices. I still enjoy finding tasteful and quality foods.

z- Zoo - I am always amazed by God's creativity any time I go to the zoo or aquarium. Amazing.

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amy said...

I still need to work on my ABC list - maybe that will be this afternoon's task. Thanks for sharing!