Wednesday, April 23, 2008

That steak cost how much??

Okay, so we enjoyed a morning of Yoga. We then had a great lunch at a little place called Jammin' Bread. Oh man. It was so good. Really great bread and salad selections. Kind of like a Panera, but smaller. We sat outside at the little cafe style tables. More talking and laughing followed.

We headed back to the house with excitement. We were going to stay at a resort that night and couldn't wait...or so we thought. We ended up stopping to shop and what not on the way and didn't get there until very late. No problem. Part of the get together was to make sure that we could relax. No rushing around a schedule, chasing children, getting frustrated...just go with the flow. Nice. However, because we took our sweet time, we didn't get to the resort until very late. The place looked perfect. We were starving though, and headed out for something nice. We were in the Palm desert and had to drive into Palm Springs/La Quinta to even find anything. We got to a place called LG's Prime Steakhouse . Apparently, it is a nationally known place...but we didn't know that! LOL We sat down and opened the menu to steaks that were between $35 - $45 a piece. That's not counting any sides! Those were separate! We couldn't look like we were cheap and walk out. Besides, it was late - where else would we go, right? I will not divulge what the total bill came to, but let's just say we were filled with nervous laughter. We couldn't believe it. We kept saying, "We deserve this. When do we ever get to do anything like this?...." It was really good though and hey, we did deserve it!


CloverGirl said...

I bet that was the best darn steak you ever had, too!! You DO deserve it...and I hope it was yummy.

Brynn said...

Of course you deserved it, but HOLY COW!!! I think I would have walked out, but then again, I'm cheap that way! ;)