Saturday, March 29, 2008

SS Blog Challenge #10 Photo Scavenger Hunt

This one is from Stacy.
This week, get out your cameras and open your eyes!Share with us a photo for each of the following categories, and tell us about the photo, and/or the story behind it.
1. a sign of spring
2. an image of joy
3. a bad habit
4. a good word
5. a reflection of you
Get as creative or as simple as you want. Be philisophical, or be silly. The only rule is to open your eyes, and have fun!

Well, I have had some computer issues this week and it has set me back a bit on my blogging. I am borrowing a computer even now, because I don't want to get behind on these challenges!

A sign of spring - I mentioned that I felt like spring was finally here because it was sunny and bright outside, but a friend who lives in the Northwest noticed the temperature here and made a point to tell me that 85 degrees is summer, not spring. LOL So, I have two pictures. One for me and one for Amy. My youngest daughter and I came across these beautiful flowers on our walk near our house. It was so sunny out that she could not look directly at the camera! For Amy - a picture of the same daughter, but this time, ready for a dip in the pool!

An image of joy - This picture is the perfect example of joy. One of my babies - right by my scrapbooking stuff. LOL He is so quick these days. I've got to stay on top of him every second. In this picture he was trying to pull out some of my scrap stuff and I caught him. He gives you the best smiles though. You can not get angry at all. Everyone mentions that he really seems to be a "happy baby". He is and I am a happy momma. I've got great kids!

A bad habit - Where do I start? There are so many! Since Easter just passed, I will share one of my worst habits of this time of year. The Sweet Tart Jelly Bean. So sweet, yet so tart. You didn't see that one coming did you? Even if you are not a big fan of the jelly bean. You MUST try these. Love them. They are not sold year round. You have to wait for Easter. Guess what though? I am not eating any these days. I have a whole jar left and I am not touching it. No sugar or carbs for me. Not for now anyway...we'll see how long I hold out. Ha.

A good word - Here are some great words. Peace and Grace. This box is from a set of Philosophy perfume that my hubby bought for me. Love Philosophy brand anything....anyway, I was about to throw the box out and I noticed the words on it. I ended up keeping the box to store some of my Cuttlebug dies. I have PEACE knowing that God loves me and has a purpose for me and my family. He has shown me GRACE. It is undeserved forgiveness.
When I think of having Inner Grace, I think of having a peace within yourself. Knowing who you are and what you believe. It took me a while to get to the place where I could say that I finally understand it. I live to worship my Lord, take care of my family, enrich and edify those around me and leave a positive mark in this world. It is a long journey, but I'm confident that I am headed in the right direction!

A reflection of you - Well, I am going to take this one literally. I thought of taking a picture of my shadow or something cool like that, but I ended up deciding that I would just share this picture of me. I am standing in one of my favorite spots - my scrap space.

Well, there it is. A little jumbled because I don't feel quite at home not being on my own computer, but it is what it is.


Lee said...

Look at you sweetie getting ready for a swim! It'll be MONTHS before we're ready for that so right now I'm living vicariously through you ;)

Melissa said...

Love your pics! And you are so stinkin' cute in the last picture.

SavedbyGrace said...

Well, we share the same weakness except I have been eating my jelly beans throughout the day. I have the whole bag poured into a small tub and it sits on my computer desk, which is where I am at most the time. My favorite are the orange flavor, they're the jolly rancher jb's!
Did I mention that Mojo is my other weakness? He melts me!

Brynn said...

Your pics are great! I agree with Lee on the swimming though, hmmm, maybe in a month or two, or three.;)

shirley319 said...

I love the pictures! You've inspired me to get my butt in gear and complete that challenge....