Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Last of the updates...

Sunday was spent at church really. Erin, Melissa and I sang together at church, Erin and Melissa sang a duet, and of course Erin sang several more songs. Marco had advertised a concert - basically. LOL It was great. A great portion of our ramblings this weekend was about our faith. We each may have grown in our own way spiritually, but one thing had not changed and that was our love for Christ. It had grown, actually. The three of us were more free now as adults, mothers, wives, and Christians to worship as we felt was best for us.

We had a great lunch (with my family) at the Soup Plantation. Erin and Melissa loved it. Amazing salad bar, homemade bread and pasta bar...all fresh! Yum. Erin spoke to my ladies group in the evening. That was really cool. I was glad that they could hear someone else that loved Christ and was totally down to earth - and normal. The ladies really enjoyed it.

They both had to leave early the next day. It was bitter-sweet and seemed too short. How was it possible that we felt like there was still so much to talk about? We vowed that we would have to begin planning our next get together. We have another friend that we were missing the whole time. We want to definitely include her - this get together just happened so spontaneously. For those of you that read through the whole thing, I commend you. I wasn't very witty or funny. Just wanted to record it somehow. Just as I thought, I found that I could not find words to describe the great feeling that we three friends had. Sure I recorded it, but I wanted you to know, to feel what we had. Oh well, I guess you'll just have to call up some of your friends and try it for yourself!

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~~Carrie Ann said...

Sherry, it sounds wonderful! Thanks for sharing! I would give anything to have my best friend come and spend a weekend like that! What a blessing for you guys! :)