Saturday, April 26, 2008

Blog Challenge #13 - "Act Your Age"

This was the one I forgot to do. It's a hard one for me, so I put it to the side to think about it. Then I got know the rest! Nevertheless, my OCD will not let me skip it. It even bothers me that it is out of order - but it's here!
From Jenner:
If you could go back to any age again, how old would you want to be and why? What age would you least like to be and why?

If I could go back to my Jr. High days in Germany, I would. Not because they were great, but because I got into way too much trouble. I would really like to go back and change things. I made a lot of choices that I am not proud of. I put my parents through hell, really. Most people would say that it was normal teenage stuff, but still - I would go back to change it all. I also would not mind going back to the time I lived with my grandparents. Of course you know why if you've read the previous post!
I can't think of an age I wouldn't go back to because I really feel like everything I went through was what has made me who I am now. Like I said earlier though...I would definitely change some things if I could. =]

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Lee said...

I thought about going back and changing things too, but that meant I'd have to re-live everything. I figure that's what parenting is for - haha! I too have plenty I'd like to change .. I figure my debt will be paid if my children behave better than I ever did ;)