Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Today, I am thankful Taryn!!

Taryn running with her friend Alee during the Jog/Wheel A Thon.

Alma and Lorany made this cupcake cake for her tonight. She was so surprised!

My little Taryn is 10 years old today. Yes, that's right! The big double digits! She's been telling everybody that her birthday's coming for a week. I had her take ice-cream sandwiches to share with her class at lunch and then our church had a little get together for her after the service. She even got some gifts from a few of the members. I will be having a sleep-over party for her this Friday. It is her first official sleep-over and she is busting at the seams with excitement.
My Taryn is very special - so different from her other sisters. She has a sweet, tender heart. She has suffered with severe allergies and asthma since she was very young. She has also experienced some really bad eczema because of her allergies. I always feel so bad for her and worry for her, but she just keeps on going. She is very active and loves to run and play sports. She just takes her inhaler - and sometimes her nebulizer - with her, but she never lets her condition hold her back. I love that about her.
She loves music, fashion and crafts. She is my little bear and I am so thankful for her today.


Yolanda said...

Your Taryn is BEAUTIFUL! Happy Birthday!!


Traci said...

This is a sweet post for a sweet girl!

Is it strange that I stop by your blog even when I know you haven't updated just because I feel like listening to your playlist? Maybe I should go download some of the same songs, lol!

Elizabeth Chaten said...

Lovely site! Check out my blog for recipes, fashion picks, book reviews, and more! I'll be sure to keep following yours!

xoxo Elizabeth