Monday, November 9, 2009

Today, I am thankful for...our daily bread...

...which for me, lately, it's been meat, cheese, vegetable...anything but bread! haha.

I always say that it doesn't matter how down we are in the finance department, our family never suffers when it comes to food! lol The truth is that I cook almost everything from scratch and always cook what's on sale or special at the markets. I think our grocery bill is very low for a family of 6.

Anyway, I love to cook and so do my girls. Tonight, I made some shrimp. Don't know what it's called but I added bell pepper, tomatoe and onion. Served it with white sticky rice because the kids really wanted to have some of the Laver or seaweed my mom sent.

So, here it is...everyone loved it! I am thankful that we always have plenty.


SavedbyGrace said...

mmmmm that looks good. you should try it over some angel pasta with olive oil and pepper. or marinara.

seaweed is one of the best foods for people because of the high iron content! I love it!

Yolanda said...

What a sweet and thoughtful lady you are!

Lea said...

Mmmm the shrimp dish is pretty!!!
I didn't know what that other stuff was that you said your Mom sent.
WHERE HAVE I BEEN? You are a gourmet chef girl!