Monday, November 2, 2009

Today, I am thankful for....Microwave Popcorn!

Seriously. I needed some comfort food in a jiffy and this was the best "worst" thing I could find. Crunchy, salty, buttery, warm... just in time. Oh, and I'm one of "those people" that like it just a little burnt!


SavedbyGrace said...

mmmm popcorn. It's actually not too bad for you. so you had a rough day huh? Hope tomorrow is better. Tabi is gonna come over and help me do a belly cast. Love you sis.

Jayne said...

Me too! Yum!

Elisabeth Renee said...

That's such a nice thing to be thankful for. My dad would join you. He was tearing the house apart tonight looking for some. Sadly we are all out! Better stop by and get some more :)