Friday, November 6, 2009

Today, I am thankful for...down time...

Here's Hannah with little Marco. He loves his sissy so much!

Our school held it's annual Wheel/Jog-a-thon today and all of my kids participated in it. Well, little Marco didn't actually do laps, but he was all over the place during the event and I was chasing after him, so that counts - right? =]
We were all so tired when we got home. We had a crazy-busy week (as usual) and I knew we'd be busy tomorrow because we had plans to go to Los Angeles with some friends and then to a birthday party afterward for one of our members.
Marco was already home when we got there and he mentioned that he might be headed out to a football game. After we talked about it - he realised that it was too late to head out that far.
We ended up eating dinner at home (left-overs) and then basically just "hung out". It was so awesome. I really did not do much of anything and for those of you that really know me - that was not easy! I just enjoyed laughing and talking with the kids and my hubby of course.
We don't get much down-time, but we know we need it. Today, I am thankful for much needed time just doing nothing. =]

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