Thursday, November 5, 2009

Today, I am thankful meetings.

Do you ever get to that point in your family where you just need to "regroup"? We get so busy and caught up in our daily routine and things just start falling by the wayside.
Well, it's even worse when you've got a few kids. My four range from 14 to 2 years old and it gets crazy here sometimes!
I can always tell when things are going to start falling apart with the kids. The house will look like there's been a burglary, the car will look like we've been living out of it and we end up eating fast food for dinner more than once in the week.
It had come to that point. The kids were just doing whatever they wanted, the little ones were crying over every little get the point.
So, my very wise husband decided that enough was enough. We needed to get it together and it had to start with us. We had dinner and then had a good talk with the kids. They probably weren't crazy about having to sit there to listen to us, but it was good. I am glad that we can talk with each other and share what we are feeling and ask for our kids to be open with us as well. I love my family and never want to make anything more important than them!
Sometimes you just have to hit the re-set button, right?


Elisabeth Renee said...

My family has family meetings! We have had these monthly, formal meetings since I was a kid. After mom read the minutes and addressed old business, we would each have our turn to talk about whatever we wanted to. It usually turned into a tattling session on my brother :) but a lot of good things were hashed out too. It was a good, safe place for us to talk out whatever we needed to. We knew mom and dad were listening. My dad would pass his judgment on the matter and that was that. We still have them but a more grown up version. :) Good for you and your husband! These things bring families closer.

Lea said...

We don't have kidlets running around anymore, but still... need to stop and start over sometimes! (okay ALOT)!!

Just dropped by and I'm so glad I did! Have a great week this week!
Love ya