Tuesday, December 29, 2009

December Snapshots...

December is always a busy month, but this December seemed to just really fly...as a matter of fact...I don't even know what happened to 2009. Well, I haven't been as faithful to my on-line journaling as I like, but I hope to stay on top of that a little better this year. I think that with my full-time (away from home) work, family and church responsibilities - and facebook - I've let my blog fall by the way side. The sad part is that it bothers me. I miss it.
Well, I didn't want to leave any of you (that are still stopping by) hanging. Here is my December in a nutshell. Reverse order...okay? =]
Here we are with my grandmother. She is 85 this year. I am so blessed to be able to have had her here for a visit. The children love getting to know their great-grandmother better and it warms my heart to watch them interact with her. She is such a special lady. Marco loves having her here as well since he never really knew any of his grandparents. We had a great week together!

Here are the kids on Christmas morning. They were dying to get to their gifts, but they know the routine. Put up with a little picture taking, wait for mom to get her coffee, listen as dad reads the Christmas story from the book of Luke, pray as a family...and THEN they can start the mayhem. It was especially neat watching Little Marco this year. He was so excited and his little cheeks stayed red the whole time. It was a great day.

The deacons and church members did a great birthday party for Marco. They really do love him and I am so glad, because he loves them so much. I will be so glad when he is able to work full-time with just the church work. Obviously, you can see that there was a USC theme. haha

Naomi sang in her first School Christmas program. They sang Rudolph. It was adorable. She did a great job, even though she was looking for us the whole time she was singing. Sweet girl.

Here is Hannah doing a geography presentation on South Korea. She had to dress up in traditional costume, give an oral report, have a presentation board, and share some foods/snacks that represented her country. She did a great job!

Well, we finished up the month and the year with some other special activities, but I wanted to put them in a separate post... thanks for still coming by...I'll try to meet you here more often! ;]

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