Monday, December 8, 2008

Just a reminder...

Hey Bloggers!
How'd it go last week? Hopefully everyone was able to CHOOSE JOY each day and post at least 3 pics (bonus) that represented LOVE!
Remember that this week, you want to watch for RED! Shouldn't be hard during this holiday season, but it does not have to be something Christmas/Holiday related. Just RED! Your interpretation.
Have fun and remember to comment at my blog or here so that I can go and check it out. (I check most of yours regularly, anyway )
Happy Blogging!


Jayne said...

I played along last week and I wanted to thank you! It was nice taking a moment each day to think about the good in life! :)

Jenica said...

As my daughter would say:

"I DID IT!!"

(you have to yell it as you throw your hands in the air for the full effect)