Thursday, December 25, 2008

Choosing Joy: Christmas Morning

See that kitchen that Santa brought?, um I mean he bought the display (last one left) and got it for $30 instead of $80. =]

Daddy still has puffy eyes from waiting on Santa the night before -hee hee.

Checking out the stockings. Even Grandma got one.

For her kitchen.

These are the UGGly boots that everybody is wearing...well, these are the Kirkland Costco brand, but you get the point... =D Thanks, Santa!

Okay. Naomi LOVES this doll baby. I ordered it about a month ago. It is a hand made stuffed doll made by an 11 year old. At least, I think she is about that age. Anyway, it is just adorable. It even has Naomi's initials embroidered on the chest and came dressed in the adorable outfit. I will post a whole separate post about it. You know how I am when I find something I like. =]

Oh, my goodness. Whose idea was this? Oh, mine? Great idea! Look at him. He's all into it. Look at his tongue.

Grandma got a nice sleeveless fleece jacket.

It's Christmas morning and all is well. Children are happy and Grandma, Marco and I are pleased to see the children so excited.
We started our morning with Marco reading the Christmas Story from the book of LUKE.

Then we all checked out our stockings. We have always exchanged ornaments with each other and try to get a new one for each of the kids every year.

Then it's on to the "Santa" gifts - aka the one big gift from Mom and Dad. Every year, we look for the best deals (of course) - but this year...this year I KNOW God's hand was in it. I know some of you might think that I am taking it too far. God helping me to get a "good deal"? Um, yes. Guess what? He even gives me a great parking spot when I need it. =]
Anyway, this year Santa came in the form of a very loving family, my parents and friends from church. We are truly blessed. I know I've mentioned this in my blog before, but guess what people? God IS good. =]


shirley said...

What a great Christmas you and your family had! You are right, we ARE very blessed.
Merry Christmas!

TrulyBlessed said...

beautiful Christmas... i love it! i wish i could have been there. i miss you guys so much and it stinks to not have all the family there for Christmas. the girls and MJ all look happy!!

Jenica said...

Beautiful! Merry Christmas!

Shabby Olde Potting Shed said...

Looks like yall had a wonderful time. ;) Looks like even the dog/cat got a prezzie? I can't remember if you have a dog or cat?!
Anyhow, loved my visit here tonight and you know that I know, that God DEFINITELY will help ya find a good deal. If he takes care of even the birds... He sure will take care of his kids! I love that you notice to see Him everywhere, and KNOW that it's Him!