Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Going to the Lights...Mission Inn of Riverside

The entry way...

Taryn: appreciating the violinist

There were giant nutcrackers at every entry.

These painted oranges were all over Riverside at one time for a special display. There were different artists that were asked to do each one. You can read more about it HERE. This is the Mission Inn orange.

This was in front of the giant tree in the Inn. Absolutely stunning - every year!

Taryn is enjoying the hot chocolate.

It's not CHRISTmas without the Crèche. I didn't even know what a creche was until I read The Christmas Cross by Max Lucado.

Lights were wrapped all the way around the Inn.
After dinner, we went to see The Lights at the Mission Inn. The weather was perfect and we had a wonderful time looking at all the lights and the beauty of the Mission Inn. We were afraid it would rain, but other than a few drops here and there, it stayed dry. We had some mochas and the kids had some hot chocolate. We saw Santa for like a second and started to get in line for a picture, but he was finishing up with his last guest. BOO! Something about he had lots of work to do tonight and had to leave early. Oh, well. That's fine. Speaking of that - we still had lots to do at home too, so we did not stay very late either. What a lovely, memorable night!


Jenica said...

Love the lights! And my Taryn was quite impressed by your daughter's name - and she said she likes hot cocoa, too!!

McKay Family said...

I love the Mission Inn area...just wish I could have made it out there at Christmas time before my bff moved away! Gorgeous shots btw!