Sunday, December 21, 2008

Choosing Joy: Making Children Happy...

Friends since the infant nurseries! =]

The church crowd starts to settle in and the children are excited about getting their gifts...Hannah is being silly - as usual!

Every year, we usually do a pot luck and gift exchange at our church. This year, my husband and I really thought that we did not want to add any more stress or strain on any of the families. We were afraid that some of our larger numbered families would not attend because they could not afford the expense of all the food and gifts. We wanted the church family to have fun and fellowship, but not if it was going to put pressure on a lot of them.
We decided that we would find a way to provide food for everyone and a gift for all of the children in church. We didn't know how we were going to do it, but as always, God provided a way. Another family and our family went and bought some simple gifts, candies and goodies for each and every child in our church. We even had extra in case we had visitors. Turns out that it was a good idea to plan for the "extras".

We had a great time. The chicken pozole we had was wonderful and we had more than enough. God is good and I hope that others felt His love through our church family tonight. There is joy to be found when you are looking to do for others rather than for yourselves.

***Reminder!!*** This is the next to the last week to post your Choose Joy blogs. The photo theme for this week is FAMILY and next week's is PEACE. Remember, that it is YOUR interpretation. =]

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tapatika said...

Oh Hannah... so adorable. That is amazing Sherry... God will always provide and as long as we have faith in Him, He will show us the way. I am so happy for your church. I love you!