Saturday, December 13, 2008

Choosing Joy: Blog Candy...Literally!

Blog Candy: A give-away offered on a blog.
Remember this post? Well, I think I've kept some of you in suspense long enough. Actually, it has just been Crazy Town around here and I haven't had a chance to sit down and give this chocolate the proper attention it deserves!

Recently, I had the pleasure of indulging in some chocolates. These chocolates are from Little Women's Sweet Shoppe on Etsy.
Oh, my word! Can I just tell you that I KNOW my chocolate. I have had See's, Fannie May, Godiva, Cadbury's, Belgian Chocolate...and many other great name chocolates (even when I lived over seas) and THIS chocolate is right up there with the best! I allowed my daughters to each have one and they chose the Happy O's. These things are HUGE. They are Oreo cookies dipped in this incredible chocolate. The little smiley face had us grinning ear to ear before we even took a bite. I actually heard one of the girls say, "Oh, Holy Night!" That made me laugh, but I had to agree.
Oh, you may also want to check out their Kaylie O's. There is a sweet story behind those!
Anyway, if you are a chocolate lover or know someone who is - you need to try these. I dare you. Start out with a small box. I bet you'll go back for more. =]
How you can win:
Please visit Little Women's Sweet Shoppe and check out her fantastic creations! Once you find that thing, mention this Blog Candy Offer on your blog with a link back to me (why not spread the love, right?), come back here and tell me what it is.
I will leave comments open until Monday, 6 p.m. Winner will be announced Tuesday morning.
Who is eligible:
You must have a US mailing address.

This is my joy today!


Karen said...

Those look YUMMY! Hope you are having a great Christmas season! Hope to see you in March!

Brynn said...

OMGosh, can I just say those are SO stinkin cute!!! They sound SO yummy too. I love the story behind the "Kaylie O's". I really don't think I would be able to pick just 1 kind so I would have to go with the "Combo pack". LOL

Ok, off to link your blog to mine. (I STILL think the ribbon would make a perfect bow)LOL

SavedbyGrace said...

I would have to choose the turtles! Those are my favorite, and it just so happens that Abby and I made some home made turtles today!

Cindy S. said...

Delicious! You can't go wrong with chocolate! It's got a very contagious smile, doesn't it?

Theresa said...

Alright so I added you to my list of blogs. Is that all. Those chocolates look nummy-licious. I love the smile on that one. I'm very tempted to place an order. You are bad....

The Ballengers said...

Wow! Whoever makes these must be amazing!!! Absolutely beautiful chocolates! I'll HAVE to try some. You KNOW how much I love chocolate!...and if they're as good as you say they are, I'll be a repeat customer!
Thanks, girl!

tapatika said...

i love the kaylie-O's and it is wonderful how they spread the story and love. These look amazing and I almost love the boxes even more than the chocolate. ok, I haven't had the chocolate yet but still... super cute!

Anonymous said...

Little Women's Sweet Shoppe Assorted Chocolate Collection - Large (Truffles, Turtles, Oreo, Caramel, Nuts) looks really good