Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Choosing Joy: Christmas Eve

So, how hard is it to choose JOY on Christmas Eve? I know for some, that it is very hard. I know that there are people all across America that are having a difficult time and this is hard for them. They are in my prayers. A friend that is in Africa, happy to serve - but missing her family, a friend that lost her little boy this year and won't be putting those extra things out for him, a friend that laid her mom AND dad to rest this year who will have to do without all the special things her sweet mother did for everyone during this time of year, an elderly man that lives across the street who is remembering the first Christmas without his beloved wife... I know that there are a lot of you out there - you are in my prayers.

I am thankful to not only have my Grandmother here with me, but to be able to watch her with my children. I remember Christmas' past that I spent with her when we lived near her or the Christmas when I lived WITH her. She is such an incredible woman. She's been through just about everything and still has a sweet, strong spirit!

We had a great Christmas Eve dinner (we are having a Christmas dinner at my MIL's) of turkey, ham, green bean casserole, rolls, cranberry sauce, watergate salad, mashed potatoe stuffing and gravy. Afterward, we went to the historical Mission Inn in Riverside to see the Christmas Lights. I will post that separately. I have much to be thankful for - I will not forget it.

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Menjiness said...

Grandma is adorable :)