Friday, December 12, 2008

December 12 on 12 and my Joy post!

Wow! December's 12 on 12 already! Where has the time gone? Well, I don't know about you, but I am looking forward to 2009 and I have hopes that it will be a great year! We started out the day registering the two oldest girls for their second semester workshops. I didn't get a picture, because we were running late and I was more interested in getting them into the appropriate classes!
The next thing on our agenda for the day was a photo shoot with my dear friend Desiree. We headed over to downtown Riverside and then went from there. While she was taking pictures of us...I was taking pictures of anything I could get for my layout. I know one thing. I've got to go back and take more pictures out there. So much history! Here we go...

Riverside is known for it's Spanish Missions and Orange Groves.

Here's our photographer.

My best friend.

Natural posers =]

Big Marco and Little Marco - love them!

My silly teen ager...

Took a picture of my reflection in the mirror!

Okay...this did not turn out, but the moon was SO bright, I had to get a shot. This will help us remember this, at least! Read why it was so big right HERE.

My neighbor's cute yard...

See what I mean? Natural.

Picking his toes...what a guy thing to do!

This is my JOY for the day! My friend Michelle (ArlaMo) sent these stickers to me - I have been on the hunt for them for a project - and she even included a homemade card and Basic Grey Rub On Tool that I have been wanting. How sweet is that? Thanks, Michelle. Oh, she's from Walla Walla...I just like saying that name. =]
One more picture. In his pajamas - ready for bed. Decided he needed an apple before he hit the sack.
Thanks for stopping by...oh and I will be posting some blog candy (giveaway) this keep checking back!


The Ballengers said...

That Baby Marco is just so, so cute. (quote from Hanna).

I have to agree!!! I can tell he's the little Prince around there just like Chase is around here!
Love ya!

tapatika said...

beautiful pictures. especially Hannah's! I miss all of them!